Angelonia Combos

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Angelonia—ready for the summer sun

Spoiler alert: angelonia is one of our top picks for summer—but you probably saw that coming because we’re fans from way back. If there were a reality show called Cincinnati Survivor this plant would make it to the final episode, still standing tall and looking elegant enough to walk the red carpet.

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Mix 13: Angelonia in three shades

Plants that add color and love the heat are true gems, and summer snapdragons actually bloom best when the temps get hot mid-season. They can even be planted then, so they’re great for freshening displays that are beginning to fade. 

FN 1.3 Mix 35 20170609 150112 copy
Mix 35 with pink angelonia 

Because we like them so much, we’ve put together some summer snap combos, assembling a cast of characters from the colorful sun and heat-lovers club—with the stately snaps as thrillers, of course:

  • [MIX 36] Blue angelonia, White angelonia, Peach lantana, and Bounce Cherry
  • [MIX 13] All angelonia: Blue, White, and Raspberry
  • [MIX 35] Pink angelonia, White scaevola, Lavender lantana, and Pink Dragon Wing

These combinations all come in the 10-inch hanging basket. Place them around decks, patios, or outdoor dining areas—any sunny spot that needs a cool splash of color.

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