Crossandra ‘Florida Sunset’

FN 1.2 Crossandra Florida Sunset blackoliveeastnursery.net
Warm, glowing blooms of ‘Florida Sunset’

We’ve brought back the lovely crossandra in a pretty shade of golden orange. You might remember this firecracker plant that thrives in the heat and humidity of a Cincinnati summer. Take a look at the unique flowers—they’re shaped like moths. Now do you remember?

FN 1.1 Crossandra Florida Sunset
Moth-like flowers attract actual pollinators

Unusual blooms are head-turning on their own, but these are set against a background of glossy dark green leaves for an even more dramatic effect. Large clusters of the vibrant flowers keep coming—nonstop—throughout the summer for a show that lasts all season. 

Tropicals can be surprisingly easy to grow and they’re great tools we use to keep color looking fresh in oppressive sun and heat. This variety does require a little TLC; regular watering is important to keep the soil moist but not soggy—and be gentle with the spray, because these funky flowers are delicate creatures. 

FN 1.7 DFBH Mock 2 Remove black mat 20170623 121823
‘King Tut’ and Persian Shield keep in tune with the tropical vibe

Since it loves the humidity, we often use crossandra to add exotic flare to indoor displays where it can bloom all year. Most bright flowering plants combine easily with the warm, glowing flowers, and fern or ‘King Tut’ grass keeps the tropical theme going. ‘Florida Sunset’ is also a natural choice for poolside displays.

FN 1.5 Crossondra DFBH 20170623 115936
Plant en masse

Outdoors, these fragrant moth-like blooms lure butterflies and other pollinators to the landscape. Plants can be used in sun to partial shade—so they’re handy for brightening a semi-shaded area. Indoors, place plants in bright light and be sure to mist regularly.

We grow this selection in the one-gallon pot.

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