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Warm Talls and Cool Shorts

Bed 16 Zone 1 ( MG 9972)
Four plants come together in a sophisticated but simple design

This little corner garden appeared in our Long Bed next to Greenhouse 10. It’s a simple and easy design to assemble, but it blends colors and heights effectively. Our plant selection includes two shorts to cover the front and two talls for height in the back—just four plants in all but the colors are key.

Of the four, the short ones are cool—a blue and a purple, and the tall ones are warm—a yellow and a red. As far as the arrangement is concerned, we simply placed the lower plants in front and the higher ones behind them. This makes the garden easy to drape over almost any kind of bed we encounter. Let’s go through the ingredients so you can see how they fold together to make a harmonious whole.

 MG 9795Begin with Ageratum ‘High Tide’—familiar fuzzy blooms in cool light blue


The MixMaster Calibrachoas

CAL MixMasters Sweet Melody 0001
MixMaster Sweet Melody

Look for our two MixMaster Calibrachoas for spring. They’ll be joining our other selections from Ball FloraPlant’s MixMaster line. We like the innovative mixes in this series—notice that they follow the modern trend of related color palettes.

Sweet Melody is a cool mix of Cabaret® Calibrachoas in Deep Blue, Hot Pink, and Light Pink.

CAL MixMasters Tropicali 0001
MixMaster Tropicali

Tropicali combines Cabarets® in warm shades of Bright Red, Deep Yellow, and Orange. We like the way the warm colors blend with each other throughout the entire presentation.

We also grow Laguna Beach and Sundance, both multi-color mixes for a more traditional look. All four varieties are available in the 8-inch pot.


Thanksgiving Hours 2018

 Thanksgiving Hours

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22nd, 2018. Our normal business hours will be in effect from Monday through Wednesday that week; we’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday, November 23rd. 

On behalf of all of us at Diefenbacher Greenhouses, we hope you enjoy this festive holiday. May it find you surrounded by family, friends, delicious food—and fresh, fragrant plants! Thank you for your continued business and for the opportunity to provide you with our quality crops, professional advice, and exceptional customer service.

See you when we’re back in action on Monday, November 26th.

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