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Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’

FN1.18 PLE Mona Lavender
Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’—container drama is its specialty

Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’ is a specialty plant with an unusually eye-catching combination of features. It delivers a lot of drama in a little package so it’s surprising that it doesn’t get used more often. We suspect the reason is simply because it’s unfamiliar, in which case we’d like to introduce you to this curious Swedish Ivy that comes to us by way of South Africa.

FN1.06 PLE Mona Lavender
All the best traits we could ask for in a Plectranthus


Mixing Pennisetum Plumes

FN2.08 PEN Plumes
Two great looks that look great together—Pennisetum Rubrum and ‘Sky Rocket’

Pennisetum grasses provide us with graceful foliage and lovely plumes in the fall. We’ve discovered that—like chocolate and peanut butter—if we mix two of them together we get an even better version. Specifically we’re talking about ‘Sky Rocket’ and Rubrum. These two grasses make great companions—they were meant to be together. Their warm combination of red and tan blooms brings to mind a comfortable tweed jacket, or a cozy blanket draped over an old wooden rocking chair.

FN2.23 PEN Plumes
Red and tan plumes wave above graceful contrasting foliage

Like a typical couple, these two have their differences that only serve to make their relationship stronger. We’re referring to the striking contrast of foliage: ‘Sky Rocket’ is green with a white central stripe and Rubrum is dark red, turning almost black in full sun.


Preorder Poinsettias Now

IMG 6573
Coloring up for the season so preorder now

Even though it’s only October, people are placing their preorders for Poinsettias already so you should, too. If you know what you’re going to need, it’s best to get your preorder in as soon as you can because inevitably, one or two varieties sell out before we start shipping product in November. Our Poinsettias are coloring up for Christmas and the season will quickly be upon us!

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