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Ruellia ‘Purple Showers’

FN 1.02 RUE Purple Showers
Cascading purple flowers all summer

For cascading purple flowers all summer we recommend ‘Purple Showers’. It hardly matters that these pretty petunia-like blooms last only one day each, because there are simply so many of them. Striking dark stems bear a nonstop succession of flowers from late spring to early fall.

FN 1.08 RUE Purple Showers
Nonstop blooms on dark, dramatic stems


Tomato ‘La Roma III’

FN2.1 TOM La Roma III
‘La Roma III’ was bred to be the best for sauce

Simply said, ‘La Roma III’ is the best sauce tomato. Classic bright red fruits are thick-walled and meaty with very few seeds. They have a minimal amount of juice so the thick flesh cooks down into an equally thick sauce—and the cooking only intensifies the flavor. These tomatoes are great for roasting, too, and they freeze well for using later.

‘La Roma III’ is a tomato to add to your collection for the name recognition alone. Everyone knows that ‘Roma’ is one of the best Italian-type tomatoes on the market and this hybrid is even more vigorous, producing higher yields of uniform, disease-resistant tomatoes. It’s a farmer’s market favorite.

This tomato comes in the 1202 flat, the 1801 flat, and the 4.5-inch pot.


Cleome ‘Señorita Blanca’

FN3.1 CLE Senorita Blanca
A Cleome in pure white for a change

We have a new Cleome in pure white for a change, if you’re looking for something other than the usual lavender-pink. Spider plant is another name for this tall grower—we use it for dramatic color up high. It’s also great for the middle to the back of the border, or for a unique hedge. ‘Señorita Blanca’ makes an elegant thriller in a combination as well.

This selection is available in the 6-inch pot.

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