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Field Day 2019

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Join everyone at the Morning Mixer—it kicks off at 9AM


This Wednesday is Field Day, so we hope you will pay us a visit. If you haven’t sent in an RSVP with the number of attendees you plan to bring, you need to do it today. Of special note is our Morning Mixer, which has turned into a small gabfest—a ritual in its own right. It’s a great way for peers to catch up, swap tales, and gather the news of the industry. We didn’t expect it to turn into a thing, but it has. Don’t forget to wear your company colors or logo when you arrive. It makes it easier for everyone else to know who you are, what you do, and where you come from—plus it’s a great ice breaker. Our Morning Mixer starts at 9:00AM when registration opens.


Celosia ‘Dragon’s Breath’

CEL Dragons Breath 12
Stunning ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is known for its fiery red plumes and ruddy foliage

Large Celosia is a fun category because the plants have so many unusual shapes for drama presentations. A particularly stunning one is ‘Dragon’s Breath’, known for its fiery red plumes and ruddy foliage. This is a tall Celosia, about two feet high when the plumes emerge, so you can use it in larger containers or the middle to the back of beds. It also works as a centerpiece stand, or even in a cut flower garden.

Please note that a full deep red is only achieved when the plant is grown in full sun. ‘Dragon’s Breath’ often ships with green-bronze leaves because even clear greenhouses will shield it from some rays. That rich red comes out when it sits in the blazing sun for a few days.

If the mature leaves stay bronze-green, it’s a sign that some shade has crossed the plant during the day. Sunlight makes the red pigments come out, so the more sun the better. You’ll notice that the leaves revert to green if the plant needs more chlorophyll to harvest whatever light it can get.

Celosia ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is shipping now in the 6-inch pot.

CEL Dragons Breath 01
Those dark red leaves of ‘Dragon’s Breath’ come from full sun exposure


Soiree Kawaii Vinca

VIN Soiree Kawaii Lavender 0001
Cute new Soiree Kawaii Vinca likes it hot and humid

We are trialing the new Soiree Kawaii Vinca this year. Despite the French name, this series actually comes from the Japanese breeder Suntory—Kawaii means cute in Japanese. The Vinca category has been pretty stable over the past decade, so we were expecting something similar to what we've seen before.

Imagine our surprise when we grew out these Vincas. Their blooms are more star-shaped than the usual round flower, but we also see serious color coverage over the top of the plant. Soiree Vincas like it hot and humid, so if you need effective tools in summer landscape and container designs you should consider these cultivars. We have a few 4.5-inch trays of White Peppermint and Lavender available, if you want to give these new Vincas a spin—we’re curious what you think of them.

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