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New Falling Star Pentas

FN 1.06 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor
This trailing Penta is new to the industry

Our new Falling Star Pentas series is the first and only trailing Pentas on the market. This is a true breakthrough in Pentas breeding. It means that now we have another trailing, heat loving plant to swap into combinations and baskets to withstand the summer months here in Cincinnati.

FN 1.05 PEN Falling Star Rose
Penta 'Falling Star Rose' is another color of trailing Penta


Chrysocephalum ‘Flambe Yellow’

FN 2.04 CHY Flambe YellowSilver and gold works in a metallic pot

Silver and gold—how often do you see those two colors together on one plant? Well, here they are on ‘Flambe Yellow’: silvery gray-green foliage covered with lots of bright golden yellow flowers. Even without deadheading it blooms continuously throughout the summer, right up to a hard frost.

This strawflower is a native of Tasmania and Australia, and as such it loves the heat and is very drought tolerant. Surprisingly, this variety can withstand cold temps also, lasting down to 30°F, so it continues adding silver and gold glamour right on into the fall.

‘Flambe Yellow’ is a tough plant that grows in tough, sandy soil in full hot sun. Since it’s low and mounding we often use it as a groundcover. It also works in containers and landscapes—anywhere you want the silver foliage look.

Chrysocephalum ‘Flambe Yellow’ is available in the 6-inch pot.

FN 2.06 CHY Flambe Yellow
Chrysocephalum 'Flambe Yellow' also works as a low bedding plant from hot to frost


Hypoestes ‘Hippo Rose’

FN3.1 HYP Hippo RoseHypoestes 'Hippo Rose' has a dark and vibrant pink with dark green speckles

If you’re looking for a colorful foliage plant to add to your collection take a look at ‘Hippo Rose’. This is a new spin on the old-fashioned polka dot plant—the Hippo series is more vigorous, with a larger plant size and better coloration on the leaves. As you can see, these are deep green with a rich rose-pink overlay. Striking.

An upright habit and medium height make ‘Hippo Rose’ a versatile design tool. We use it in sun-to-shade container combos as a thriller, of course, as well as filler, and as a pop of color in shade areas of the landscape. Pair it with chartreuse foliage or ferns, or with some bright Supertunias. It’s also popular with consumers as a houseplant and has a long shelf life at retail as a foliage selection.

Hypoestes ‘Hippo Rose’ is available in the 6-inch pot.

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