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Mohave Bracteanthas

Autumn Idea Book 2019


Bracteantha is a mouthful but you’ll often hear this plant called by its common name, strawflower or everlasting daisy. We selected ‘Mohave Apricot’ for the cover of our Autumn Idea Book because it is a symbol of the season to us.

Strawflowers truly seem to last forever—they are renowned for drying beautifully without losing their color or shape. This makes them popular for fall especially, when craft projects and holiday décor are in full swing.  For many, their first encounter with Bracteantha is in a dried arrangement or wreath.


Summer Friendly Coleus ‘Dipt in Wine’

COL Dipt in Wine 0001
Coleus ‘Dipt in Wine’ loves the summer heat

‘Dipt in Wine’ from Proven Winners is a summer friendly Coleus that loves the heat so put it on your radar. Smooth, shiny rounded leaves are unique, with rich burgundy surrounded by scalloped lime green edging for striking contrast. At 20–36 inches it’s tall for a Coleus, so keep it in mind for oversized planters and large beds around parks or stadiums throughout the season.

COL Dipt in Wine 0006
Rich burgundy and lime green foliage looks striking planted en masse

This variety performs well in sun or shade, but we find that in full sun the lime green can sometimes appear gold. We like to pair it with other Coleus selections, like ‘Redhead’ to pick up the red in the leaves or ‘Electric Lime’ to support the green. ‘Dipt in Wine’ is a fast grower, spreading about 12–14 inches. With its tall, upright habit it makes a good choice for the back of the border or as a thriller in containers.

‘Dipt in Wine’ is shipping fresh for summer in the 8-inch pot. ‘Redhead’ and ‘Electric Lime’ are shipping now in the 8-inch pot as well.


Fresh for Summer: ‘Sunfinity’ Sunflowers

HEL Sunfinity 0014
Ever blooming ‘Sunfinity’—many stems and an abundance of season-long flowers

We have a large crop of ‘Sunfinity’ Sunflowers ready to ship for summer mass plantings. ‘Sunfinity’ is not the typical telephone pole-style that comes to mind when we think of Sunflowers. It’s more like a Rudbeckia—with tons of flowers that keep coming all season long, right on into autumn.

Sunflower ‘Sunfinity’ is available in the 8-inch pot.

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