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Pansy ‘Delta Premium Yellow with Purple Wing’

PAN Delta Premium Yellow with Purple Wing 7
A classic Pansy look for the opening of spring

As a Pansy, ‘Delta Premium Yellow with Purple Wing’ has a long and winding name, and it’s similar to the names for the yellow and yellow blotch versions. ‘Purple Wing’, however, is one of the classic forms we associate with the opening of spring: a cheeky yellow face with a thick beard and purple top petals. Purple usually sits over the top petals and sometimes lines the side petals as well.

Although closely associated with Violas, this traditional look is also a major style that sells Pansies. A pretty face is important when planning an early spring program for the retail bench or landscape contract, but this popular variety backs up that charm with a number of other solid traits.


Pepper ‘Snackabelle Red’

CAP Snackabelle Red 1
Small, snacking-style ‘Snackabelle Red’ Peppers

Container gardens are very popular right now for a number of reasons. Many gardeners live in apartments, complexes, or small homes without much of a yard, but they still want garden-fresh produce. Others simply want to experience the delight of picking fruit from a plant without the hassle of a large garden.

We added ‘Snackabelle Red’ to our Pepper collection to fill this need. It’s a small, snacking-style Pepper that hangs from a short and bushy plant. Not all Peppers are squat by nature but ‘Snackabelle Red’ tends to grow this way.

CAP Snackabelle Red 4
Set plants in a circle and use a ring to control the heavy harvest

Using a larger pot for patio or deck plantings, set five or seven plants in a circle around the edge of the pot. Place a ring to help control the heavy harvest when Peppers appear along the top of the plant. This results in the largest crop within the tiniest space. You can go even smaller using a smaller container and planting one to three plants per pot. A small plant like this creates a bushy top on its own.

Even big gardens should include ‘Snackabelle Red’ for its sheer convenience in the kitchen. It’s a sweet bell Pepper that can be eaten out-of-hand or used for dishes quickly tossed together. Chop it into a salsa or salad, stir fry with chicken, or sauté with sausage. For a mild variation of Jalapeno poppers, stuff some ‘Snackabelle Red’ Peppers with flavored whipped cream cheese and top with chives. Serve these fresh or bake for 15 minutes at 350° F.

We sell Pepper ‘Snackabelle Red’ as an 1801 flat and a 4.5-inch in trays of 10.

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