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‘Autumn Colors’ for Summer

FN 1.01 RUD Autumn Colors
Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Colors’—a different amount of red in each bloom

‘Autumn Colors’ is such a cool plant—not in the autumn temperatures sense, but in the each-flower-is-a-little-bit-different sense. Every year we see strong sales among the hirta species of Rudbeckia because the flowers are so showy—and on ‘Autumn Colors’ they are particularly eye-catching.

FN 1.10 RUD Autumn Colors
Flowers are about twice the size of the typical Black-Eyed Susan


Begonia ‘Cocktail Tequila’

FB 2.01 BEG Cocktail Tequila
Begonia ‘Cocktail Tequila’ flies under the radar

Most of the Cocktail Begonias are well known except for ’Cocktail Tequila’—it’s the rosy one with bronze leaves. We like the way the red is reflected from the flowers to the leaves and back again. It makes a good centerpiece by itself as a specimen plant, and is both lush and charming in containers.

Cocktail is one of the most reliable wax begonia series on the market. Plants are heat tolerant and vigorous, with lots of branches to fill out a space. We use Cocktails en masse for a solid block of color that’s eye-catching from a distance. Of course, ‘Cocktail Tequila’ works in big plantings also, especially when set against the clean whites and brighter greens of the Super Olympias.

Begonia ‘Cocktail Tequila’ is available in the 8-inch pot.


Field Day Reservations

FN 3.07 Field Day
Ask questions when you walk through the Display Gardens

Remember to reserve your spot for Field Day 2018, taking place on Wednesday, August 22nd here at Diefenbacher. Don’t miss this unique, interactive day of walking our beautiful Display Gardens and talking plants with Elmer. Network with peers, relax, and enjoy a delicious lunch—it’s all part of the immersive, educational Field Day experience! Call the office today to make a reservation.

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