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Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’

FN 1.02 HAM Lime Sizzler
Beautiful foliage sets Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ apart from the medium green

We have a new firebush for you and when we say new, we mean new—‘Lime Sizzler’ was discovered in 2014 in Florida. Boy, is it hard-to-get. We featured it in a Field Day trial a while ago, where it was a hit with our crowd. The beautiful variegated foliage sets it from the typical medium green. However, 'Lime Sizzler' disappeared from the market for the next two years. This year, it re-appeared in limited quantities, so we snapped it up.

FN 1.05 HAM Lime Sizzler
This firebush is new to the playing field


Cordyline ‘Albatross’

FN 2.02 COR Albatross
Large leaves arch gracefully on a large plant

Spikes are great for adding vertical interest and ‘Albatross’ has them in dramatic dark purple. These are large leaves on a large plant; they arch gracefully, giving the effect of a giant tropical fountain. We recommend using this palm-like shrub as a specimen or a centerpiece—it reaches around 2 to 3 feet high and wide.

Fragrant flower clusters bloom in late spring but these exotic cabbage palms are all about the leathery, sword-like leaves. For long lasting color that stays looking fresh all the way through to the end of the season we rely on foliage plants. We also value the abundance of intriguing forms and textures that these plants add to our designs.

FN 2.03 COR Albatross
Leathery, sword-like foliage provides long-lasting color

Remember: one or two large varieties can easily be mixed into a mass planting for drama. Ornamental ‘Albatross’ is a good choice for full to partial sun—it brings out the copper and burgundy notes in the oversized leaves.

This selection comes in the 1-gallon pot.


Angelonia ‘Serena Lavender’

FN 3.01 ANG Serena Lavender
Lavender flower spikes send the color straight up

A lush, soft amethyst glow lights up the landscape when we plant our newest Angelonia en masse. ‘Serena Lavender’ provides lots of showy flower spikes to keep the bees and butterflies coming back all summer.  This is the upright style of Angelonia flower so the color shoots straight up like a Roman candle.

Summer snapdragons love the heat, making them favorites for garden beds and sunny patio pots here in Cincinnati. Plants in the Serena series are low maintenance and a nice size for the front of the border or mixed containers, coming in around 10 to 12 inches high. They tolerate drought as well.

We grow ‘Serena Lavender’ in the 8-inch pot.

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