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Working with Nemesia

NEM Sunglow
Nemesia ‘Sunglow’ provides an extra 4 weeks of early summer performance

Opening early is a strategic move. Retailers, landscapers, gardeners, and other early birds often look to work the soil as soon as it signals that it is ready. For the professional there is the added benefit of re-starting the revenue stream a little earlier.

Behind that decision lays the question: “What do I have to work with?” One obvious answer is Pansies and Violas; a not-so-obvious one is Nemesia. Let’s take a look at how you might start the season with a different look, plus a few dos-and-don’ts. Whether you bother with Nemesia depends on whether you like what you see.


Verbena Obsession Cotton Candy Mix

 VER Obsession Cottong Candy Mix
Verbena Obsession Cotton Candy Mix

You may remember your Verbenas as dark moody colors or bright vivid ones. This mix goes in its own direction—the Verbena version of the limited color palette so popular with Mixes right now. It has pastel pinks and purples with a single dark purple for contrast.

Obsession Verbena is known for its bold color. We also have one of the unique twister patterns from the series: ‘Obsession Cascade Twister Violet’, with inward facing petals colored deep violet and outward petals a shade lighter. These plants stay in bloom longer than other Verbenas and are highly disease resistant.

Obsession Cotton Candy Mix and bicolor ‘Cascade Twister Violet’ are available in the 1203 flat.

VER Obsession Cascade Twister Violet
‘Obsession Cascade Twister Violet’ mixes three colors into the same blossom


Pansy ‘Cool Wave Frost’

 PAN Cool Wave Frost
Elegant ‘Cool Wave Frost’—a truly trailing Pansy

Very elegant—this cool season mix of light blue, light lavender, and clean white leaves very little green peeking through the Pansies. All of the flowers have faces, with eye-catching kitten whiskers and tiny yellow eyes. Viewed up close we can see the delicate hairs that edge the center petals like dainty white eyelashes. It’s a truly trailing Pansy for lush baskets, combos, and groundcover.

‘Cool Wave Frost’ is available in the 6-inch pot.

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