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Straight-Up Poinsettias

 POI Straight Up 8
Straight-Up Poinsettias—big holiday drama with heirloom appeal

Styles and tastes evolve, and our Poinsettias have done the same. Newer cultivars grow lower and branch more freely, so they create a wider, rounder plant that is more popular today. This modern look reflects the Poinsettia’s movement onto tabletops and into centerpiece displays. Lower arrangements allow guests to see over the plants and across the table to converse with other party guests, for example.

More centerpiece work does not mean that floor-driven displays have gone away at all. They are still very much a part of public presentations where we need big holiday drama. Consider the Poinsettias we use for flanking the fireplace, surrounding the Christmas tree in a corporate lobby, lining church railings, or creating a festive environment in a big retail space.


Top Off Poinsettias

POI Top Off 6
Red Poinsettias sell well right up until Christmas

With National Poinsettia Day on the horizon (December 12th) it begs the question—do you have enough material to finish the season? We still have fresh Poinsettias available in a variety of colors and sizes, including Hearthside Planters, Centerpieces, Baskets, and our popular Red in the 6.5-inch pot. Remember that Red sells right up until Christmas Day, and Churches often need fresh Points the week before Christmas.

POI Top Off 2
We have fresh Poinsettias available in baskets, planters and centerpieces

Straight-Ups that we talked about this week work well in churches because they can be seen from a distance. They also act as a counterweight to the Christmas tree when placed at the opposite end of a display. Remember that décor needs to be refreshed as the holiday approaches, too, so don’t leave yourself short-handed.

Give the office a call today and we’ll be happy to put an order together for you.


Holiday Hours 2019

Holiday Hours

We’ll be taking our usual break between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays once again this year. Our schedule is slightly different this year. We will be open briefly on Monday, December 23rd, in the morning. By noon our offices will be closed and we will reopen on Monday, January 6th, 2020. If you’re like us, you’ll be spending some of the quiet time over the holidays planning for the upcoming season. For you convenience, our Pre-Order screens on the web site will be open, and orders may be placed via email or fax as well. We will respond to orders placed during the two-week holiday period when we return in January.

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