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Celosia ‘Dracula’

FN 1.3 CEL Dracula 0002
Here it is: elusive deep red

You can count on this exotic new Celosia to turn some heads. With one huge blood red bloom ‘Dracula’ is unique to say the least. Deep red is a hard color to find consistently in annuals and here it is!

‘Dracula’ is in a unique spot. It’s not as big as other comb-type Celosia varieties, and the height is variable, depending on light: it’s shorter in full sun and taller in part sun.


Verbena ‘EnduraScape Pink Bicolor’

FN 3.1 Verbena Endurascape PRIMARY all american selections
A first for EnduraScape—‘Pink Bicolor’

Our new Verbena for spring features a bit of a twist—it’s the first bicolor in the EnduraScape series. ‘Pink Bicolor’ is radiant with soft pink blooms that darken to a deeper pink shade at the center. These pink-on-pink pompoms pop against the dark green foliage 3-D style. Each flower in the cluster appears to have its own glowing halo.

A well-deserved halo, we might add. Endurascape is one of the best Verbenas in the landscape. It’s our go-to for Verbena, as it isn’t prone to cycling in and out of bloom like other varieties. Once established in a bed it’s a very low-maintenance plant, simply requiring infrequent watering during hot spells. Be careful of heavy clay soil though, as the roots may be subject to rot if they stay wet for extended periods of time.

FN 3.2 Verbena Endurascape 3 all american selections
Unlike other Verbenas, EnduraScape won’t cycle in and out of bloom 

‘Pink Bicolor’ blooms long into the summer to brighten landscape beds, borders and edging, as well as large containers and hanging baskets. Verbenas in the EnduraScape series are vigorous, sturdy spreaders.

We grow this selection in the 6-inch pot.


Brussels Sprouts ‘Franklin’

FN 2.1 BRA Franklin 0002 copy
Uniform, consistently sized heads taste even better after a frost

‘Franklin’ is one of the earliest maturing varieties of Brussels Sprouts—it might even be the earliest. We grow it for that reason and because we can count on it for uniform, consistently sized heads. Plants are tall and stems are less woody than other varieties so it’s possible to harvest the whole stem at one time, if you like. Frost and cool weather actually increase the flavor of these sprouts as well.

FN 2.2 BRA Franklin 0001
Trendy Brussels Sprouts are nutritious and delicious!

Resolutions or not, many of us try to eat healthy at the start of the New Year and Brussels Sprouts are packed with nutrients. A trendy way to eat them is shredded, which you can easily do with a quick whirl in the food processor. Toss the sprouts with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 450°F for 12–18 minutes until they’re just wilted and starting to turn golden brown. Sprinkle with a little Parmesan cheese—maybe add some hot pepper flakes—and enjoy!

‘Franklin’ is available as one of our vegetable crops in the 1203 flat.

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