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Our Summer Program 2019

Gomphrena close
Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’

We grow for the summer season, and we manage these crops differently because summer is obviously distinct from spring or autumn. Growing out a good crop for summer is nuanced. We want varieties that flourish throughout a typical Cincinnati summer—plants that thrive in the high heat and high humidity that sometimes strike the Ohio River valley. In fact, heat tolerance isn’t as important as withstanding the swing; rapid changes in weather can rough up the plants, so we favor cultivars and growing practices that deliver a stronger, tougher specimen.

In addition, we want compatiblity with displays we’ve built for spring and now maintain through summer, or assemble in summer to maintain through autumn. Either way, a smooth transition is required for any repair and restoration work that is needed along the way. Although the same plant material may appear in both seasons, we handle the summer crop differently.


Cannova Canna

CAN Cannova Orange Shades 0001
Canna ‘Cannova Orange Shades’

All colors of the Cannova series are currently shipping. Cannova hits the sweet spot for Canna: not too tall and not too short, lots of shoots from the base with plentiful flowers, and a good range of colors. There’s even a bronze leaf shade included in the mix.

CAN Cannova Yellow 0003
‘Cannova Yellow’—plenty of flowers

We do want to remind buyers that Canna height is strongly influenced by the amount of water the plant gets over the season. If it has plentiful access it grows taller; if water is restricted it grows shorter. Aggressive watering can produce Cannovas over six feet in height, while restricted water keeps the blooms a little above the waist. We’ve seen all kinds of variation between the two extremes.

Our Cannova Canna is available in the 4.5- and 8-inch pot sizes.


Sunflower ‘Sunfinity’ Shipping Now

HEL Sunfinity 0001
We’re shipping ‘Sunfinity’ in volume right now

We are shipping one of the best Sunflowers on the market in volume right now. ‘Sunfinity’ has become a favorite for several reasons, but its major appeal is the continuous bloom of mid-sized Sunflower blossoms. These flowers are sterile so once they start blooming in midsummer they won’t stop until frost. Plants also branch heavily, which means that a ‘Sunfinity’ garden is heavily populated with flowers in a style similar to Rudbeckia.

Sunflower ‘Sunfinity’ is available in the 4.5- and 8-inch pot sizes.

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