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Brushes of Millet

FN 1.02 Millet Brushes
The tiny, tiny flowers of Millet ‘Purple Majesty’

Several houses of our freshly grown Millet for fall are shipping right now. These plants resemble corn or maize, but they are known for their signature feature—brushes that rise above the crown. We grow different cultivars for the different types of plumes they bring to market—each one has its own unique personality.

FN 1.03 Millet Brushes
‘Purple Baron’ has red-tinged flowers


Combo Mums

Mum Color My Fall
Mum Color My Fall combines warm tones of yellow, bronze, and red

If you’re looking for a bright option to the standard mono-colored Mums for fall we recommend our Combo Mums. A hanging basket or planter that’s ready to go is a simple way of introducing fall colors in a single swoop. We’ve done the shade matching for you. 

Mum Combos are trendy items. Customers love them because they’re so easy to decorate with—for patios, porches, and parties. We have five different color combinations that suit the season.

Our festive Mum Combos are available in the hanging basket or 12-inch planter.

Mum Fall Berry
Mum Fall Berry is a mix of red, lavender, and purple


‘Butterfly’ for Fall

ARG Butterfly 0002 2
‘Butterfly’ brightens the landscape right up until a hard frost

Because of its fondness for heat and sun we tend to associate Argyranthemum ‘Butterfly’ with summer. Keep in mind that this bright cheerful daisy blooms until very late in the season—right up until a hard frost—so you can incorporate it into your fall landscape design as well. It actually performs best with the cool night temperatures that are on the horizon and it’s tough enough to ride out the unpredictable autumn weather.

Our Argyranthemum ‘Butterfly’, grown fresh for fall, is shipping now in the 4.5, 6, and 8-inch pot sizes.

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