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Christmas Rush

POI Tree DGI close
Getting creative with our fresh, lush Poinsettias

Just for the heck of it we built a Poinsettia tree like the ones you see popping up more and more this time of year. It was a trial run but we like the way the tree turned out so we’ll probably assemble one in a more prominent space with a more festive backdrop. If you plan to give this design a whirl we have all the fresh, lush Poinsettias you need.

On that merry note, during the next four to five weeks you can expect to be moving the majority of the season’s Poinsettias, so this is the time to fill up your inventory. Here are some popular varieties to include on the holiday list:

FN 2.3 Elmer 3 Colors 20171122 100339 copy
Our 10-inch Centerpiece in the three classic colors


Marigold ‘Inca II Gold’

TAG Inca II Orange 0001
Marigold ‘Inca II Gold’—plants are crowded with flowers

Normally we don’t comment on series improvements, since they usually focus on under-the-hood concerns like disease resistance or production-friendly issues. Instead we just switch to the better version. This is how breeders upgrade their cultivars over time and keep in step with rival series or suppliers.

TAG Inca II Orange 0002
Big ball-shaped blooms are visibly more double

In the case of the Inca II series we’re making an exception. ‘Inca II Gold’ is significantly different from its prior version. Very large 3 to 4-inch flowers now have a much stronger stem for support so they don’t bend at the neck as much. Plants are crowded with ball-shaped blooms that are visibly more double than they were before—so they repel water drops even better than the original flowers.

We’re growing Marigold ‘Inca II Gold’ in the 6-inch pot.


Holiday Idea Book 2018

DFBH 18319 Holiday Idea Book 2018 v02 1

Our 2018 Holiday Idea Book is heading your way. Inside you’ll find this year’s Poinsettia lineup in living color—all the classics, plus our edgy Art-Style selections for a modern twist. 

We’ve also provided a comprehensive list of sizes, colors, prices, and finishing options for all of our holiday plant material. Keep this handy reference at the ready to get you through the busy holiday season with ease. If you’re not on our mailing list for the printed catalog and would like a copy, please call the office or return this email to request one.


Thanksgiving Hours 2018

 Thanksgiving Hours

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22nd, 2018. Our normal business hours will be in effect from Monday through Wednesday that week; we’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday, November 23rd. 

On behalf of all of us at Diefenbacher Greenhouses, we hope you enjoy this festive holiday. May it find you surrounded by family, friends, delicious food—and fresh, fragrant plants! Thank you for your continued business and for the opportunity to provide you with our quality crops, professional advice, and exceptional customer service.

See you when we’re back in action on Monday, November 26th.

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