Spring 2015


Brushes of Millet

FN 1.02 Millet Brushes
The tiny, tiny flowers of Millet ‘Purple Majesty’

Several houses of our freshly grown Millet for fall are shipping right now. These plants resemble corn or maize, but they are known for their signature feature—brushes that rise above the crown. We grow different cultivars for the different types of plumes they bring to market—each one has its own unique personality.

FN 1.03 Millet Brushes
‘Purple Baron’ has red-tinged flowers


Field Day 2018 Winning Plants

HAM Lime Sizzler
It turns out Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ makes a great groundcover for Cincinnati

Competition was much tighter for the most popular plant of Field Day this year. Results have been tabulated, and since it was such a close race we decided to share with everyone the top three winners of the day. You can see from the photos why each plant became a crowd pleaser.

HAM Lime Sizzler 02
Bright fire tips form the signature feature of ‘Lime Sizzler’


Autumn Range of Rudbeckia

RUD Autumn Colors 0002
Our fall Rudbeckia line is grown in a harvest-themed palette

Native American Rudbeckia blooms profusely and lasts a long time—all it asks for is plenty of sun and it’s good to go until frost. We’ve grown our autumn line with a harvest-themed palette in mind, rather than the bright yellows that dominate the summer. For fall we’ve mixed in golden, red, and bronze tones to warm the pot.

RUD Toto Rustic 0005
Native Rudbeckia works best in a natural setting 


Field Day Gardens 2018

Pollinator Garden
Guests of the Pollinator Garden were unexpected highlights of Field Day

Field Day is the day we review our gardens with you, our fellow professionals in the industry. We talk about the problems we face when approaching a particular bed, discuss the solutions we picked, and look at how well they performed in that spot. Then we decide whether we were happy with our choices in the end.

All this conversation occurs in front of everyone, and that sharing of knowledge is probably the best part of Field Day for us. Although we showcased about 16 beds (some very large ones, too) we are going to touch on six highlights we noted this year, starting with our Pollinator Garden.

A Monarch caterpillar crawls next to the milkweed pod of Asclepias ‘Silky Gold’


Fall Vegetables Rush

CAB Chinese Blue 0002
Cabbage ‘Chinese Blue’

When filling your center with flowers, don’t forget the Fall Vegetables. Cool weather vegetables need to be planted now through September in order to enjoy their sweet and crunchy taste in September and October. Many of these vegetables, like the Cabbages, will last into October and November and taste even sweeter after a frost. Our cool weather vegetables come in the 1801 deep flat, unless otherwise noted. Here are some selections that are shipping this week:

BRO Lieutenat Vegetable 23310
Broccoli ‘Destiny’

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