Spring 2015


Working with Nemesia

NEM Sunglow
Nemesia ‘Sunglow’ provides an extra 4 weeks of early summer performance

Opening early is a strategic move. Retailers, landscapers, gardeners, and other early birds often look to work the soil as soon as it signals that it is ready. For the professional there is the added benefit of re-starting the revenue stream a little earlier.

Behind that decision lays the question: “What do I have to work with?” One obvious answer is Pansies and Violas; a not-so-obvious one is Nemesia. Let’s take a look at how you might start the season with a different look, plus a few dos-and-don’ts. Whether you bother with Nemesia depends on whether you like what you see.


Geranium ‘Super Moon Red’

GER Super Moon Red 18
The new muscle car among Geraniums—‘Super Moon Red’

In the world of Geraniums the zonals are muscle cars—they are the BIG ones: big blossoms, big stance, big leaves, and big attitude—right down to that signature zonal brand mark they flash on the fenders of the plants. There is a reason why Geraniums are divided into zonal and non-zonal—it’s the difference between zoom and vrooom.

Currently the field is dominated by classic names like Rocky Mountain and Fantasia and sports names like Calliope and Caliente, but there is a new ride in town: Geranium ‘Super Moon Red’. This is a large red Geranium with subtle chocolate highlights, developed by the folks at Selecta One. You probably haven’t walked past it yet because this Geranium is brand new to the market. It’s so new that the market is still trying to decipher the plant.

We’ve actually taken 'Super Moon Red' out for an extended test drive, so we can say this one pulls ahead of the competition. We can tell you three reasons why this cultivar is important to you. Let’s break out our tools and take a look at the ride Selecta brings to the muscle car geraniums.


Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor

HIB Mahogany Splendor 15
Beautiful maple-like leaves of Hibiscus ‘Mahogany Splendor’

Every now and then, when rummaging through an attic, old cabinet, or boxes in the basement, we find a treasure. This is how we came across Hibiscus ‘Mahogany Splendor’, a cultivar from the PanAmerican Catalog. This cultivar is modern, but we’re not certain how long it has been kicking around the industry, nor do we know if it was bred or found.

What we do know is that we love the Japanese maple vibe. This surprisingly fun plant worked its way into several design scenarios we didn’t expect. It turns out that what’s old is new again, so let’s take a fresh look at Hibiscus ‘Mahogany Splendor’.


Three New Peppers

PEP Melrose 03
‘Melrose’ is Chicago’s favorite heirloom cooking Pepper

Hot Peppers have been getting most of the hype in recent years but today we’d like to talk about our new sweet varieties. We’re stepping outside the Bell box a bit to expand the flavor palette without turning up the heat. Each of these Peppers brings its own unique character from the garden to the kitchen: Central American ‘Costa Rican Sweet’, Chicago’s famous heirloom ‘Melrose’, and the popular mini Lunchbox Mix.


The Garvinea Gerberas

GER Sweet Smile 09bGarvinea Sweet Smile’ delivers the Gerbera look for ground plantings

Gerbera is highly popular at the florist for obvious reasons: big, vibrant daisy-like flowers with strong thick stems. It makes a good cut flower, but standard florist varieties are bred more for protected spaces inside high-volume greenhouses. What we need is the same great look with a tougher, more seasoned plant underneath for landscapes and containers. That would be the Garvinea series from Florist Holland, bred to be The Garden Gerbera. Let’s take a look at it.

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