Spring 2015


Pansy ‘Midnight Glow’

FN 1.1 pansy midnight glow
Pansies to paint the early spring landscap

Pansies are important for early spring—especially if you need to paint the landscape with a mass of color. They thrive in the cooler temps, especially those unexpected cold snaps that come along during the season. Plus Pansies are affordable, and budget is a huge factor when planning designs for clients.


National Poinsettia Day

FN 1.1 POI Hearthside with Glitter in Action 2 copy
National Poinsettia Day is December 12th

In 2002 Congress declared December 12th National Poinsettia Day to celebrate the beauty of one of our favorite holiday plants. This day was also set aside to honor Joel Roberts Poinsett, the man responsible for bringing the Flower of the Holy Night to this country from its native Mexico, and Paul Ecke, who is considered the father of the Poinsettia industry here in the United States.


We Have an Arrangement

FN 1.3 DSC 0366

Wreaths and roping are festive but if you need a fast, fragrant display of holiday color we also have beautiful evergreen arrangements in medium and large sizes. Each original design contains a lush mix of greens freshly cut from local firs in Central Ohio. Our aim is to capture the spirit of the season so we top them off with just the right amount of bling.


Holiday Air Freshener

FN 1.3 Greens, Pine Roping Close 5 copy
Enjoy the Christmas aroma of freshly cut greens from Central Ohio firs

That little tree dangling from your rearview mirror has a nice fresh scent—it’s a classic but it pales in comparison to the real thing. At Diefenbacher the air is full of authentic holiday fragrance: our evergreens are freshly cut from Central Ohio firs so they’re genuinely aromatic and can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. 


Poinsettia ‘Peppermint Ruffles’

FN 1.2 POI Peppermint Ruffles 0003 copy
Lush pink bracts to add to the palette

Around Thanksgiving the novelty Poinsettia crowd is active—the excitement of the holiday season gets the creative juices flowing. ‘Peppermint Ruffles’ is another unique variety to add to their palette. Large ruffled bracts of velvety pink are speckled with deeper pink and set against dark green foliage.

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