Spring 2015


Ruellia ‘Purple Showers’

FN 1.02 RUE Purple Showers
Cascading purple flowers all summer

For cascading purple flowers all summer we recommend ‘Purple Showers’. It hardly matters that these pretty petunia-like blooms last only one day each, because there are simply so many of them. Striking dark stems bear a nonstop succession of flowers from late spring to early fall.

FN 1.08 RUE Purple Showers
Nonstop blooms on dark, dramatic stems


New Bicolor Portulacas

FN 1.05 POR Watermelon Punch
Portulaca ‘ColorBlast Watermelon Punch’ has magenta stripes

We have two Portulacas new to the industry this year from the Westhoff breeders. These moss roses are innovative because they are bicolors. While the Rio Grande series gives us big, bright tropical-looking blooms, all the flowers are solids. These ColorBlasts adds eye-catching stripes to the playing field.

FN 1.04 POR Mango Mojito
Portulaca ‘Colorblast Mango Mojito’ has orange stripes


Nierembergia ‘Purple Robe’

FN 1.11 NIE Purple Robe
‘Purple Robe’ adds loads of charm to intimate settings

If you’re looking for a living plant as a mulch alternative for the summer we have a colorful dwarf groundcover to consider. ‘Purple Robe’ is a long-blooming, shrubby annual that grows in a dense, spreading mound. It’s covered with deep violet-blue cup-shaped flowers. 

FN 1.18 NIE Purple Robe
Nierembergia is also good as groundcover—the ferny leaves grow thick


Tomato ‘Mountain Merit’

FN 1.01 TOM Mountain Merit
‘Mountain Merit’ is bred to supply classic vine-ripened tomatoes

‘Mountain Merit’ has a backstory that’s relevant to us. This cultivar is something of an achievement in Tomato circles because it can produce vine-ripened flavor in a climate hostile to Tomato plants. You see, the folks in North Carolina like market-fresh, vine-ripened Tomatoes, and those Tomatoes have to be grown locally; however, the South has a bad problem with a large variety of Tomato diseases. Does this sound familar?

FN 1.02 TOM Mountain Merit
A typical fruit weighs about 8 ounces—a large salad or small beefsteak


Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’

FN 1.02 HAM Lime Sizzler
Beautiful foliage sets Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ apart from the medium green

We have a new firebush for you and when we say new, we mean new—‘Lime Sizzler’ was discovered in 2014 in Florida. Boy, is it hard-to-get. We featured it in a Field Day trial a while ago where it was a hit with our crowd. Beautiful variegated foliage sets it apart from the typical medium green; however, ‘Lime Sizzler’ disappeared from the market for the next two years. This year, it reappeared in limited quantities so we snapped it up as soon as it was available.

FN 1.05 HAM Lime Sizzler
This firebush is new to the playing field

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