Spring 2015


‘Autumn Colors’ for Summer

FN 1.01 RUD Autumn Colors
Rudbeckia ‘Autumn Colors’—a different amount of red in each bloom

‘Autumn Colors’ is such a cool plant—not in the autumn temperatures sense, but in the each-flower-is-a-little-bit-different sense. Every year we see strong sales among the hirta species of Rudbeckia because the flowers are so showy—and on ‘Autumn Colors’ they are particularly eye-catching.

FN 1.10 RUD Autumn Colors
Flowers are about twice the size of the typical Black-Eyed Susan


Summer Celosia Gardens

FN 1.10 Celosia Gardens
Celosia makes high design easy with colorful feathery tops

For a jolt of vibrant color to get the summer going, add Celosia to your work. Feathery heads of red, orange, and yellow fire up the landscape and take control of the texture aspect—honestly, a stand of these curious creatures is a thriller all on its own. It’s easy to see these landscapes as very, very large combo designs.

FN 1.14 Celosia Gardens
Celosia can create waves of color within a single textured look


Summer Ideas This Week

SAL Victoria Blue 0001
We have plenty of fresh summer plants in stock

Summer does not mean you have to run out of ideas because everyone else has run out of inventory. At Diefenbacher we grow fresh for the summer:

  • (A) Crops are specifically grown to do well in the summer heat
  • (B) Our material is new—not tired—so plants are raring to go into the landscape or displays

Bear in mind, this is just a small selection of ideas we have for you. Give us a call, or refer to our Availability page to see the full list of possibilies you can still bring to your work.

Let’s take a brief tour of what is shipping this week:

ANG Serena Blue 0001For the snapdragon look in summer—Angelonia


Sorting Out SunPatiens

FN 1.12 SunPatiens
A municipal bed thick with SunPatiens in mixed sun and shade

We believe the SunPatiens series of Impatiens has turned into an important tool in the landscaper’s toolkit. It functionally replaces the lamented wallerina-type Impatiens, adds its own unique set of strengths, shores up some previous weaknesses, and delivers a very durable package at a very reasonable cost. What began as a fringe series in the Impatiens genre has become a genuine workhorse in the post-Impatiens world we live in today.

FN 1.13 SunPatiens
A good example of the color range within SunPatiens and their unusual leaf


New Falling Star Pentas

FN 1.06 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor
This trailing Pentas is new to the industry

Our new Falling Star Pentas series is the first and only trailing Pentas on the market. This is a true breakthrough in Pentas breeding. It means that now we have another trailing, heat loving plant to swap into combinations and baskets to withstand the summer months here in Cincinnati.

FN 1.05 PEN Falling Star Rose
‘Falling Star Rose’ is another color of trailing Pentas

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