Spring 2015


Best Selling Pansy Colors

PAN Matrix Yellow FN 1.35
Pansy 'Matrix Yellow' lays down a heavy coat of color.

Pansies are powerful tools we use to paint the early spring landscape. Like a good paint, they are durable in the cold, stand up to harsh weather, keep their color for a long time, and – most important – keep costs under control. Pansies are unmatched when it comes to value per square foot—they deliver dense strokes of color at an affordable price and that’s important when there’s a lot of ground to cover. So, what color should you apply? Strong color trends and preferences exist inside the category, and we look at them today.

PAN Panola Beaconsfield FN 1.32
Pansy ‘Panola Beaconsfield’ is our favorite intriguing color.


The Quiet Fern

FER Macho

Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone but green is always on our radar. Recently we’ve been noticing a greater interest in Ferns so we’ve expanded our collection to include a number of new varieties. In their understated way these plants play a strong supporting role, adding interest while infusing the landscape with a sense of calm.


Petunia Headliner Series

FN 1.1 Petunia Headliner Blueberry Swirl Bloom 18243
‘Blueberry Swirl’

Thanks to innovative breeding Vegetative Petunias put on a vivid fashion show in a range of solids and novelty varieties. For baskets and pots that overflow we’ve been happy with the Headliner series. This vigorous Petunia mounds and trails on a par with Supertunia, and we especially like the big, eye-catching blooms.


Ornamental Hops

FN 1.14 F488 08 Gertens copy
A captivating component of the beer brewing landscape

Hops are as valuable to beer drinkers as grapes are to wine connoisseurs—they provide the bitterness that gives each brew its unique flavor and personality. As an ornamental, the Hops plant is captivating because of its complex draping structure, its flexible nature, and the sheer conversation value of growing this beer ingredient in the home garden. As a result, we decided to work with four cultivars this year from the famous Oregon USDA breeding station that delivered to the craft beer industry the fuel that ignited a revolution and changed a way of life.


The Rise of the Mixes

PAN Matrix Amber Mix 0001
Pansy Matrix Amber Mix shows the modern trend of “restricted palette” mixes 

Over the past five years we’ve noticed more mixes climbing into our Top Ten rankings. It used to be we’d see one here and there, but now they show up regularly, across different genera like Vinca, Pansy, Impatiens, Calibrachoa, Coleus, and Viola. We don’t think this reflects a dumbing down of people’s taste, but rather an increased sophistication of both suppliers and buyers. 

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