Spring 2015


Baby Wing White (in Green and Bronze)

FN1.03 BEG BabyWing White Bronze Leaf
BabyWing Begonias have pendulous Dragon Wing look in a smaller package.

A major appeal of Dragon Wing Begonias is their pendulous nature. Whereas Wax Begonias normally grow upward, Dragon Wings grow up and arch over gracefully. Leaves and petals follow suit, elongating into wing-like structures—hence the name. Combined with their rugged nature, this elegant look finds its way into many urns, planters, and gardens. However, their strength is also their weakness.

FN1.06 BEG BabyWing White Green Leaf
Small is relative. Use BabyWings where you would use Cocktails


Christmas Rush

POI Tree DGI close
Getting creative with our fresh, lush Poinsettias

Just for the heck of it we built a Poinsettia tree like the ones you see popping up more and more this time of year. It was a trial run but we like the way the tree turned out so we’ll probably assemble one in a more prominent space with a more festive backdrop. If you plan to give this design a whirl we have all the fresh, lush Poinsettias you need.

On that merry note, during the next four to five weeks you can expect to be moving the majority of the season’s Poinsettias, so this is the time to fill up your inventory. Here are some popular varieties to include on the holiday list:

FN 2.3 Elmer 3 Colors 20171122 100339 copy
Our 10-inch Centerpiece in the three classic colors


Warm Talls and Cool Shorts

Bed 16 Zone 1 ( MG 9972)
Four plants come together in a sophisticated but simple design

This little corner garden appeared in our Long Bed next to Greenhouse 10. It’s a simple and easy design to assemble, but it blends colors and heights effectively. Our plant selection includes two shorts to cover the front and two talls for height in the back—just four plants in all but the colors are key.

Of the four, the short ones are cool—a blue and a purple, and the tall ones are warm—a yellow and a red. As far as the arrangement is concerned, we simply placed the lower plants in front and the higher ones behind them. This makes the garden easy to drape over almost any kind of bed we encounter. Let’s go through the ingredients so you can see how they fold together to make a harmonious whole.

 MG 9795Begin with Ageratum ‘High Tide’—familiar fuzzy blooms in cool light blue


Salvia ‘Black and Blue’

SAL Black and Blue 0005
Dramatic blooms of Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ 

You may remember Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ from Field Day last summer. It garnered a lot of votes as the most admired plant in the gardens, giving Hamelia ‘Lime Sizzler’ a run for its money as the top plant of the day. This is one of those plants where its strength is its weakness—all of the attention goes to the top. No one remembers the plant itself.

We planted ‘Black and Blue’ in three of our Display Beds, and we found that companion plantings work best with this Salvia. Adding contrasting colors around the base creates even more drama in the display at the top. Let’s take a closer look at this clearly popular denizen of the garden.

SAL Black and Blue with COL Pineapple Surprise
True blue flowers that rise well above Coleus ‘Pineapple Splash’


Poinsettia ‘Sonora White Glitter’

FN1.06 POI Sonora White Glitter
‘Sonora White Glitter’—each spot and splash is a surprise

Surprises make the holidays exciting—unexpected guests, fabulous gifts, and delicious home-baked treats from neighbors and friends. Those little thrills are what keep us looking forward to the season. Go ahead and include ‘Sonora White Glitter’ on that Christmas list because it, too, is full of surprises.

FN1.08 POI Sonora White Glitter
I spy…an almost all-white leaf

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