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Wreaths and roping are festive but if you need a fast, fragrant display of holiday color we also have beautiful evergreen arrangements in medium and large sizes. Each original design contains a lush mix of greens freshly cut from local firs in Central Ohio. Our aim is to capture the spirit of the season so we top them off with just the right amount of bling.

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To be honest, our arrangements require very little adornment. Combining evergreen varieties like we do results in a range of needle shapes and textures and a full spectrum of green shades—you might say the show is already in progress before we add our special glittery swag and ornaments. 

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Bars and countertops look extra festive decorated with our medium arrangement. It fits easily into compact areas for a dash of seasonal flare with the crisp scent of a snowy night. Try placing one next to a dish of peppermints on a reception desk or in a little red wagon on the porch for a warm welcome.

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To make a grand statement go with the large arrangement—we design this piece to fill a sizable open space. Use this if you need a focal point in a ballroom or lobby—it’s also a tasteful decoration to place at the foot of the altar in a church.

Sprucing up commercial accounts for the holidays is a valuable revenue source during the slower winter months, and our fresh, fragrant greens save you time so you can get more done. All branches are newly cut at the time each arrangement is made so displays look and smell great—lasting easily until Christmas and well into the New Year. 

Remember—our evergreen displays have one advantage over our poinsettia arrangements: they can also be used outdoors in the cold winter weather.

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