Salvia ‘Mysty’

FN 1.7 Field Day MG 2360
Salvia finally found its way to the front of the garden!

If you were here for Field Day back in August you saw this vibrant Salvia in one of our display beds—it’s a true horticulture blue. ‘Mysty’ is a shorter version of ‘Mystic Spires’ and at the time we were on the fence about growing a short Salvia, but this one turned out to be a very good bloomer and we like the full, dense look of the plant.

FN 1.4 SAL Mysty 0003 copy
True horticulture blue that lasts all summer

We thought—What use is there for a dwarf ‘Mystic Spires’?—but we planted it out in our bed for Field Day and waited. It wasn’t long before we were pleasantly surprised and rewarded with lots of beautiful blue spikes. Okay—we thought—it’s nice now, but when will it cycle out of bloom? It never did cycle out of bloom. All summer long it sent up plenty of dark blue spikes on tidy plants.

Salvia that was forever relegated to the rear of the garden finally found its way to the front! ‘Mysty’ is neat, self-cleaning and compact—it’s great en masse and in the front of the border. Blue, being a useful color in the landscape, is a welcome addition to the palette.

We’re always looking for a vivid true blue that lasts all summer and this one does. Go ahead and pair ‘Mysty’ with other summer stalwarts, like red Lantana and red or chartreuse Ipomoea.  

FN 1.6 SAL Mysty 0001
There’s no end to ‘Mysty’s’ bloom cycle

Dark green foliage enhances the brilliant blue of the flowers and remains verdant throughout the season, thriving in heat and sun. Plants are drought tolerant, and because the blooms shed themselves in the landscape you can look forward to a neat, clean appearance all summer long with very little maintenance.

Another plus for the beautiful little ‘Mysty’: it attracts beneficial hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Remember to water moderately and fertilize every couple of weeks for the best show.

FN 1.1 SAL Mysty 0006 copy
A neat, compact Salvia for summer combos

‘Mysty’ is available in the 4.5-inch pot. Lantana ‘Lucky Red’ comes in the 4.5 and 8-inch pot. Ipomoea ‘Solar Power Lime’ and ‘Solar Power Red’ are available in the 4.5-inch pot and the 1801 flat. ‘Solar Power Lime’ comes in the 6-inch pot size as well.

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