Petunia Headliner Series

FN 1.1 Petunia Headliner Blueberry Swirl Bloom 18243
‘Blueberry Swirl’

Thanks to innovative breeding Vegetative Petunias put on a vivid fashion show in a range of solids and novelty varieties. For baskets and pots that overflow we’ve been happy with the Headliner series. This vigorous Petunia mounds and trails on a par with Supertunia, and we especially like the big, eye-catching blooms.

FN 1.3 Petunia Headliner Lipstick Bloom 18241

These are plants to turn to when you need durable, dependable, affordable color that isn’t fussy about the season or the soil. Headliners are heat tolerant as well. This year we decided to take advantage of the dramatic color range available by adding several new Headliner Petunias to our lineup.

To help you find the selection that best suits your design needs we've organized our newest Headliners under convenient color bylines:  

FN 1.4 Petunia Headliner Night Sky Bloom 19109
‘Night Sky’


  • ‘Blue’—dark blue flowers
  • ‘Blueberry Swirl’—blue and white striped flowers
  • ‘Night Sky’—unique dark blue flowers that are spotted with white
  • ‘Sky Blue’—has pale blue flowers

FN 1.8 Petunia Headliner Pink Star Bloom 1695
‘Pink Star’


  • ‘Lipstick’—bright lipstick pink flowers
  • ‘Pink Star’—pink flowers with a darker pink star pattern
  • ‘Pink Vein’—light pink flowers with reddish veins

FN 1.11 Petunia Headliner Dark Violet Eye Bloom 11817
‘Violet Dark Eye’


  • ‘Electric Purple’—intense violet flowers
  • ‘Raspberry Swirl’—raspberry red and white striped flowers
  • ‘Violet Dark Eye’—pale purple flowers with dark eyes

 FN 1.12b Petunia Headliner Red (cropped)
‘Headliner Red’


  • ‘Red’—brilliant red flowers

 FN 1.13 Petunia Headliner White Bloom 19137
‘Headliner White’


  • ‘White’—bright white flowers

FN 1.14 Petunia Headliner Yellow Bloom 9888
‘Headliner Yellow’


  • ‘Yellow’—lemon yellow flowers

Our new Headliner colors are available in the 10-inch hanging basket and the 4.5-inch pot. ‘Blue’ and ‘Lipstick’ are available in the 10-inch hanging basket only.

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