New Little Duck Marigolds

FN1.10 MAR Little Duck Orange
Pom-pom style Marigolds are retro chic 

Another plant from Grandma’s day that’s currently seeing an uptick in popularity is the Marigold, so we’ve been experimenting with different varieties. We lean toward the African pom-pom style with big two-inch blooms, and thick doubles with tight crinkles in the petals. Usually they grow on tall, thick stems but we have a new series that brings the look to a smaller, tighter package.

FN1.3 MAR Little Duck Orange
Big African-type heads top these tidy, short plants

Our new Little Ducks are interesting because the flowers have the same big heads, only on much smaller stems. We get the height of a French Marigold with the bloom size of an African. These are very tidy, compact plants that grow about 12–14 inches tall.

FN1.6 MAR Little Duck Yellow
Flowers keep their vivid color right through to the end of the season

They’re covered with lots of fully double blooms in brilliant orange or yellow. Little Ducks keep the flower power strong all summer, far beyond the first flush of color. These tight clusters of petals resist fading, so their vivid palette remains stable all season long.

FN1.2 MAR Little Duck Orange
Keep your Little Ducks in a row or group them together

Marigolds are go-to plants for containers and landscape beds. You can keep these short Little Ducks in a row and use them as edging, or simply group them at the front of the border. They make lovely cut flowers and dry very nicely—a plus for the younger generation of makers on the lookout for interesting material to use in their creations.

 FN1.4 MAR Little Duck Orange
Shorter Marigolds create an eye-catching sweep of low, uniform color

Dense, dark green foliage makes the bright pom-poms pop for an eye-catching, uniform swath of color. Little Ducks can add a warm Marigold glow to smaller pots and gardens that would normally be overwhelmed by the tall, stately stems. It’s a different look and we like it. In a crowded Marigold market we feel that this compact series brings a unique sort of charm to the table.

 FN1.9 MAR Little Duck Orange
Add a warm Marigold glow as a visual surprise

This is our Little Duck display in last year's Field Day Garden 15 (over on the far right). We found that deadheading is not necessary with Little Ducks—easy maintenance is another reason we like them—but it does help expedite the next round of blooms. It also keeps the plants looking spiffy.

 FN1.1 MAR Little Duck Yellow
Low-maintenance Little Ducks offer a cheery, unique charm

‘Little Duck Orange’ and ‘Little Duck Yellow’ are available in the 6-inch pot.

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