New Bicolor Portulacas

FN 1.05 POR Watermelon Punch
Portulaca ‘ColorBlast Watermelon Punch’ has magenta stripes

We have two Portulacas new to the industry this year from the Westhoff breeders. These moss roses are innovative because they are bicolors. While the Rio Grande series gives us big, bright tropical-looking blooms, all the flowers are solids. These ColorBlasts add eye-catching stripes to the playing field.

FN 1.04 POR Mango Mojito
Portulaca ‘Colorblast Mango Mojito’ has orange stripes

‘Mango Mojito’ has fiery orange petals to get the party started. Fading to softer yellow margins, the color finally transitions to cool white at the edges. It’s a bit like a reverse Creamsicle. Both cultivars produce flowers that are a bit larger than we usually see on a Portulaca, and that makes them more showy.

FN 1.02 POR Watermelon Punch
The pistils and stamens add more interest to up-close basket designs

‘Watermelon Punch’ may be a bicolor but once you start staring at it—and it’s hard not to stare at it—you’ll notice an assortment of shades. Magenta-pink, raspberry, and rose share the canvas with pale yellow-to-creamy white stripes. These flowers catch a lot of attention because they’re brand new to the market. It’s a real surprise for customers when they see them.

FN 1.01 POR Mango Mojito
These bicolors also trail more in their habit than other Portulacas

ColorBlast innovation actually goes beyond the color to a beautiful semi-trailing habit. For an exotic change of pace we use these plants to liven up ho-hum hanging baskets. Notice how the vibrant flowers light up the shiny dark green leaves as they tumble over the side of a planter or down the edge of a rock wall.

FN 1.04 POR Watermelon Punch
Up close the pattern of ‘ColorBlast Watermelon Punch’ becomes complicated

Now, Portulaca is known for colorful blooms that open each morning and close again each night. Here again the ColorBlast series adds an innovative twist, staying open longer into the evening than other varieties. We have to say that the late show is a nice perk when the lights get low while entertaining around the patio.

FN 1.05 POR Mango Mojito
The light level needed to close the flower is lower on ColorBlasts as well

Like all Portulacas, ColorBlasts are succulent so once they’re established in the garden they are very drought tolerant. Moss rose is one of our go-to standards for vivid, low-maintenance color that can survive a hot Cincinnati summer. It thrives in hot, dry areas, with poor soil including construction sights and rock gardens in full sun. For the landscape or at retail—or a combination of both—Portulaca is simply a good overall plant to keep in the design toolbox.

Both of our ColorBlast selections, ‘Mango Mojito’ and ‘Watermelon Punch’, are available in the 4.5-inch pot.

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