Carex ‘Toffee Twist’

FN 1.05 CAR Toffee Twist
A Grass for all seasons—Carex ‘Toffee Twist’

Here’s a grass to keep in the every season section of the design toolbox for problem solving. We sell Carex ‘Toffee Twist’ year round for good reason. As a cool season grass it’s a good citizen in both winter and spring gardens, and dramatic foliage is always in demand.

FN 1.14 CAR Toffee Twist
Versatile bronze blades blend easily with bright flower colors

‘Toffee Twist’ is a thriller with shimmering, slim iridescent bronze blades that are surprisingly versatile. It adds character alone in a decorative pot and also enhances most of the colors we pair with it. For fall try adding some Angelonia ‘Angelface Blue’ and Rudbeckia ‘Prairie Sun’.

FN 1.09 CAR Toffee Twist
In partial shade we get a mix of green and tan

Bear in mind that while ‘Toffee Twist’ can be grown in full sun to part shade, where you plant it will affect the blade color. In partial shade you’ll get a mix of green and tan but in full sun the leaves are all bronze. Though they may have a pretty dried grass appearance, the chlorophyll is still there and working.

 FN 1.13 CAR Toffee Twist
A cherry-on-the-top of a spherical arrangement

‘Toffee Twist’ has an elegant sweeping, cascading habit that adds movement and vertical interest to a design. It’s often used as a capper or cherry-on-the-top of combo arrangements, especially if the core composition is spherical. Slender blades of grass spiking up and cascading down help break out of an endlessly round routine.

FN 1.15 CAR Toffee Twist
‘Toffee Twist’: draping tans next to straight-up green Juncus ‘Quartz Creek’

This variety is a moderate grower, reaching about a foot and a half to two feet high. It stays within its boundaries so we like it for adding texture to combination planters and garden borders or edging. With warm, muted tones and a gentle swaying in the breeze, ‘Toffee Twist’ adds a serene vibe to the landscape, creating a peaceful oasis.

FN 1.07 CAR Toffee Twist

An intriguing character in a decorative pot

Now, that’s all well and good but Halloween is right around the corner—and this grass may be elegant but it’s also fun. A tall urn with ‘Toffee Twist’ cascading over the edges looks like a creepy brunette wig on a wig stand—or is it a floating head? Use two of them to flank a driveway.

FN 1.16 CAR Toffee Twist
Creative capper in a caldron combo

This plant also resembles hay or straw so we tuck it into fall combos in black caldrons and rusty wheelbarrows—next to pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. It even has hints of apricot that play off the orange of the gourds. Grasses get our creative juices flowing…

‘Toffee Twist’ is shipping now in the 1-gallon pot.

FN 1.17 CAR Toffee Twist
Hair-raising Halloween possibilities…

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