Two Brachyscomes

BRA Radiant Magenta 0001Brachyscome ‘Radiant Magenta’

Swan River Daisy is the common name of a plant we’ve been growing for a few years now, Brachyscome, that tends to fly under the radar. It’s a lovely, delicate-looking plant that grows well in poor soil so we find it useful for adding color to rock gardens and other tough spots where it can be hard to get colorful flowering plants to grow. They are good companions to Bidens, because they are about the same size and habit, but they bloom in a completely different color scheme. We sell two of these charming plants: the brighter ‘Radiant Magenta’ and the lighter ‘Enduring Blue’.

BRA Radiant Magenta 0003
A delicate-looking plant that likes tough soil

If the flowers look familiar it’s because Brachyscome is a type of very short Aster. Though the blooms are small—around an inch across—they grow so profusely in summer that they often totally obsure the bushy mound of foliage. When you can see them, the leaves are pretty as well—they’re gray-green and finely divided into long, narrow segments for a rather fern-like appearance.

BRA Enduring Blue 0001
‘Enduring Blue’ and other blue varieties get the most attention

Brachyscome is native to Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea. It typically has lavender, pink, or white flowers but the blue varieties seem to get the most attention. ‘Enduring Blue’ is especially pretty, with pale blue blooms that have lavender overtones and bright yellow eyes. They’re fragrant as well, attracting birds and butterflies to add even more charm to this pleasant little plant.

BRA Enduring Blue 0002
Finely divided foliage is fern-like in appearance

‘Radiant Magenta’ gives the blue varieties a run for their money. It’s the brightest magenta Brachyscome on the market, with the same daisy-like flowers in a vibrant shade of hot pink with contrasting yellow centers. Pair this selection with yellow flowering plants for a truly eye-catching display—it also makes a great gift.

BRA Radiant Magenta 0002
Vibrant magenta pairs strikingly with yellow flowers

Both of these Swan River Daisies are compact varieties, growing from 4–7 inches tall with a spread of around 6–10 inches. Keep them well-drained and don’t overwater, and you’ll find they look attractive from the time you plant them right up until frost, with a constant abundance of blooms covering the lacy evergreen foliage.

BRA Radiant Magenta 0004
Bushy foliage is often hidden underneath a profusion of blooms

Brachyscome makes a graceful addition at the front of a sunny border, as edging, and as filler in pots and hanging baskets. It’s also popular for covering large swaths of a garden bed—we find that it’s a useful plant to keep on hand.

We grow ‘Radiant Magenta’ and ‘Enduring Blue’ in the 4.5-inch pot.

BRA Enduring Blue 0003
A graceful addition to sunny beds and containers

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