Christmas Rush

POI Tree DGI close
Getting creative with our fresh, lush Poinsettias

Just for the heck of it we built a Poinsettia tree like the ones you see popping up more and more this time of year. It was a trial run but we like the way the tree turned out so we’ll probably assemble one in a more prominent space with a more festive backdrop. If you plan to give this design a whirl we have all the fresh, lush Poinsettias you need.

On that merry note, during the next four to five weeks you can expect to be moving the majority of the season’s Poinsettias, so this is the time to fill up your inventory. Here are some popular varieties to include on the holiday list:

FN 2.3 Elmer 3 Colors 20171122 100339 copy
Our 10-inch Centerpiece in the three classic colors


Red, White, and Pink Poinsettias are the three classic must-haves. Our bracts are big and healthy for a full canopy of rich color over the top of each plant. Red is consistently the most popular followed by White, while Pink offers a more subtle alternative. Though it’s considered to be a novelty rather than a classic variety, remember to include some Burgundy for those who favor a dark, dramatic look.

FN 2.1Christmas Joy Poinsettia Red, Pink and White
Red and White—a candy cane inspired combo


Red & White is our two-tone combination: both colors are grown in the same 10-inch pot with over twenty blooms. It comes in the 10-inch hanging basket as well. Three Kings adds Pink into the mix for a tri-color effect. It’s grown in a single 8.5-inch pot.

FN1.4 ASP ice punch close 3
‘Ice Punch’ offers a modern twist


We offer a full line of Marble and Art-Style Poinsettias for a modern twist on holiday décor. Pink flows down the center of each creamy leaf on a Marble. Art-Style varieties, such as ‘Ice Punch’ and ‘Premium Picasso’, have speckles, spots, and splashes on Red or Pink leaves. You’ll even find Yellow and Orange selections such as ‘Autumn Leaves’.

 Poinsettia Princettia Grouping of Pinks
Pretty Pink Princettias®


Be sure to include some Princettias in your order. These uniform, reliable Poinsettias have become customer favorites. They have smaller but abundant bracts that are velvety in texture, with a lovely overall shape. Princettias are famous for their Pinks—we have a full line of colors in the 5.5-inch pot.

FN 1.4 Hearthside Planter White (Cream)
Our exclusive Hearthside arrangement in White


We find that customers appreciate the convenience of ready-made arrangements during the busy holiday season. Our exclusive Hearthside planter is a Christmas tradition—it can be made in any of the classic colors or Art-Style Poinsettias. Centerpieces come in a 10-inch bowl with 15-plus blooms, in each of the three classic colors or Marble. For extra flair we have our 14-inch Angel Frost arrangement in traditional Red enhanced by festive foliage.

Angel Frost Point Display lg
Upbeat Angel Frost makes a fun holiday statement in classic Red

Classic solid colors and Art-Style Poinsettias come in a range of sizes—please check the Availability section of our web site for selections that are currently shipping.

FN 1.4 Poinsettia Jubilee 8.5 inch and 10 Inch
Bump up your inventory ahead of the rush

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