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‘Irish Eyes’ Are Smiling

 RUD Irish Eyes 0002
‘Irish Eyes’ is a Black-Eyed Susan with green eyes

For the Rudbeckia look with a bit of a surprise, we recommend beguiling ‘Irish Eyes’. Bright golden yellow petals surround an unusual pale green eye. It’s a much brighter effect that can be used to lighten autumn beds, complement other Rudbeckia varieties, attract beneficial pollinators, or fill a pot at the end of the rainbow.

RUD Irish Eyes 0001
Unique, eye-catching blooms are great for planting up close

Flowers on ‘Irish Eyes’ measure around 5 inches and the plants reach about 2-1/2 to 3 feet tall. Remember, though, that the height of a Rudbeckia can vary depending on the amount of water it gets. We like to plant these unique eye-catching blooms up close in containers or mixed beds where they can smile back as visitors get a good look at them.

‘Irish Eyes’ is available in the 8-inch pot.

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