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Extra Early! Alyssum

FN 2.2 ALY White 20965c grande Harris Seeds copy
Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’, an extra early choice

When you look beyond Pansies in the early spring, it can be difficult to find a good white flower. Pansies will usually drop a blotch onto their whites, and they don’t develop that “carpet of color” we like so well. Our solution to that problem is Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal White’. It loves cool weather, it bulks up fast, it blooms furiously, and the top becomes a beautiful texture white. If you favor a pastel carpet, we also sell the ‘Clear Crystal Lavender’ Shades that comes with lavender’s light touch to the flowers.

The Clear Crystal Alyssums are so much better than the standard varieties because they are tetraploids. Genetics geeks will recognize this fact indicated a doubling of the genes inside the cells, something plants will do from time to time. This fluke results in a supercharged version of Alyssums with more vigor, bigger flowers, hardier habit and even a light but noticeable scent. In every way, they are better Alyssums, and they are the ones we like to pair up with Pansies. As a result, we added an early crop of 6-inch pots for people who need Early Spring plantings or open for those early bird gardeners.

FN 2.3 ALY Lavender H164 16 Chalet Nursery copy
Alyssum ‘Clear Crystal Lavender

If you are looking to go beyond Pansies, start with the Clear Crystal Alyssums.

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