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Pennisetum ‘Princess Caroline’

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‘Princess Caroline’ 

We’ve added a Pennisetum this year, ‘Princess Caroline’. This fountain grass has many of the same features of ‘Princess’, but is shorter. ‘Caroline’ grows about as high as a kid; whereas ‘Princess’ will grow as high as a teenager. The foliage starts off burgundy-green, but it will turn dark purple in the hot summer and stay that way until frost does it in.

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No feathery tufts

The best part of ‘Princess Caroline’ is that is doesn’t throw off feathery tufts, so a walkway hedge or a garden backing will feel full and thick up to about the waist, but no higher. Above that, the view remains clear. Obviously, it will love the full sun and it is not fussy about watering requirements. Just keep it away from standing water or relentlessly wet soils.

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