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Vinca Hanging Baskets

FN 2.05 Vinca Baskets
Vinca Hanging Baskets

Our beautiful trailing Cora® Cascade Vincas come in 10-inch hanging baskets for quick hits of color. We like these vigorous plants for summer in Cincinnati because they survive 100 degree plus temperatures and stand up to drought as well as driving rain. Plus they’re highly disease-resistant so the extra large blooms last all summer with minimal attention on our end.

Because they’re more spread out rather than upright and bushy, Vincas in this series are especially effective in hanging baskets where the blooms tumble dramatically over the edges. Lilac has an intense bright purple flower while Strawberry is elegant light pink, with a darker rosy pink in the center. Violet has a rich true violet bloom with a white eye. We also have Cora® Cascade Mix, plus our special Mixer unique to Diefenbacher that includes Strawberry, Polka Dot (white with red centers), and Lilac.

FN 2.01 Vinca Baskets
Side view of ‘Cora Cascade Violet’

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