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Fall Snapdragons

Snapdragon Overview 2 wk35
Snapshot Snapdragons—the flowers are almost too big for the plants

For the Snapdragon look on a smaller scale we recommend our Snapshot Snapdragons. They grow only about 6–10 inches high but add a dramatic vertical element to combos and garden beds for autumn. We’ve found that they bloom profusely all through the cooler days of the season.

ANT Snapshot Sunset 0001
Beautiful shades of 'Sunset'

Snapshots are bushier and more spread out than other popular Snapdragons but it’s their unique look that keeps us coming back to them—the flowers are almost too large for the plants. They’re lush and fluffy to fill out a display that will serve as a nourishing nectar station for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

We have Red, Orange, Yellow, and a Mix, plus beautiful Sunset with yellow flowers that have hints of rose and orange—all are shipping now in the 4.5-inch pot.

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