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Mixing Golds with Black

ALT True Yellow 
Alternanthera ‘True Yellow’ mixes in with Spreading Angelonia 'AngelMist Dark Purple'

Mixing golds with blacks is a popular technique, and these are three steadfast plants for the job. If you like the bright yellows of Alternanthera ‘True Yellow’ and Duranta ‘Cuban Gold’ you will also like their dark counterpart, Iresine ‘Purple Lady’. It grows in a similar fashion, in similar soils, and with similar care, rolling out a very dark carpet that contrasts well with its two lighter companions.

 DUR Cuban Gold
Duranta ‘Cuban Gold’ fronting a bed of Cocktail and Olympia Begonias

Iresine is a tough, dependable plant that has been in our stable a long time and we feel it deserves more attention. This is a low-maintenance variety that is very reliable. It forms a dense cover and lends a unique color to the garden.

IRS Purple Lady 05
Iresine ‘Purple Lady’ turning the corner on Ornamental Fennel

Alternanthera ‘True Yellow’ is available in the 1801 Landscape tray and the 4.5 and 6-inch pot sizes. Duranta ‘Cuban Gold’ comes in the 1801Landscape tray and the 4.5-inch pot. We grow Iresine ‘Purple Lady’ in the 1801 flat.

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