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Wax Begonias

 Begonia Bench Garden
Wax Begonias in two sizes: large for the urn and standard for the garden

Wax Begonias are ready to ship, from the Cocktail Series (bronze leaf) and Super Olympia (green leaf). Both are mainstays of the landscaping industry, valued for their pretty appearance, durable habit, and reliable nature. They possess the same traits that many home gardeners seek in plants to add color around their yards and homes: a no-fuss nature, free of pests, very tolerant of both sun and shade, and a reputation for growing under any level of gardener’s thumb.

We have a wide range of Wax Begonias, large and small—here is a recap of their sizes and leaf colors:

  • In hangers and cones we have the Dragon Wings. Shorter than the Whoppers, they are more wide than tall with very pendulous leaves and flowers. Nearly all have bronze leaves. Dragon Wings also come in 1801L, 4.5-, 6-, and 8-inch pots. Use them for a draping Begonia look.
  • In 1801L, 4.5-, 6-, and 8-inch, we have the Whoppers. They sit upright in their space. Whoppers have both bronze and green leaves. Use them when you need a presentation bigger than Cocktails and Olympias.
  • In 1801L, 6- and 8-inch pots we have the Cocktail (bronze leaf) and the Super Olympia (green leaf) series. These are the standard, rounded varieties people associate with the Wax Begonia look.
  • In the 1203 flat are Bada Boom (bronze leaf) and Bada Bing (green leaf). They have a very similar habit to their bigger brethren, but they are more suitable for a lower look or a smaller planting.

Begonia Cocktail Mix
A detail of the Begonia garden showing the importance of the contrasting leaves

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