Holiday Rush


Get ahead of the holiday rush and order poinsettias now. If you are not filling up your inventory now, you should be—most of the season’s poinsettias are sold in the next four to five weeks. Here are some of our top picks for this year’s busy season:



‘Jubilee Red’ has been our best selling red for three years running and with good reason. Look at the strong, sturdy stalks and generous blooms—it provides superior color coverage. This is a big, wide plant for the pot size—6.5-inch is the most popular, but we also have it in the 7.5, 8.5, and 10-inch pots. 



We reviewed ‘Christmas Feelings Pink’ earlier this year—the leaves are a vibrant shade of pink. These are strong, healthy plants; we grow them in the best selling 4.5-inch pot, as well as the 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5-inch sizes. It’s nice to see more pink deeper in the plant and not just color over the top. 



‘Whitestar White’ has been in our Top Ten for over six years. In the past three years its popularity has surged, largely because the branching looks great and it has a strong, upright habit. Bracts are big on this one, plus it’s about the cleanest white we sell. Since it’s a crowd-pleaser, we grow this white in a variety of sizes: 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, and 10-inch pots are available, with the 4.5-inch being the most popular.



Here we have white bracts with pink centers. Because of its softer presentation, designers often use ‘Mars Marble’ to create a bridge between solid whites and solid pinks in a display. Notice the nice V-shaped habit—it sleeves well. We grow this variety in the 4.5-inch pot because it works well in a wide range of design situations. Syngenta has invested a great deal of effort into the Mars series, so we see stronger pink centers in this cultivar now than when it was first released.



A red with white markings, ‘Ice Punch’ is widely recognized by consumers even though the name is not famous. You can see what an eye-catching presentation it delivers, especially in the 7.5-inch size. It’s frequently used for open houses and showy displays.