New Delta Pansy Mixes

Delta Main

We’ve noticed a spike in sales of pansy mixes over the past couple of years, so we’ve added a few new Delta mixes to our production. As far as we’re concerned, a good mix is uniform in height, habit, and timing; if it’s lacking in any of those areas the color presentation will suffer. 

Consistency is key and Delta pansies come through across the board; plus, we’re fans of those large, upward facing blooms—they make a big impact. Plants in the Delta series are tough, too. They overwinter well and rebound nicely after severe weather.

Delta Buttered Popcorn Mix

One of our new selections this year is Delta Buttered Popcorn Mix. Tones of yellow, from pale to golden, combine with white for an elegant designer look. Yellow is a highly regarded color in the landscape market and Buttered Popcorn makes a nice presentation of it that’s easy to install.

Delta Cool Water Mix

Also new this year is Delta Cool Water Mix. Blue is another key player in the landscape trade, and you can see that this mix does an effective job of balancing cool blues with warm purples and neutral whites. We like the way it ebbs and flows when a breeze rustles it.

Delta Fruit Salad Mix

Delta Fruit Salad Mix is a fun combination of clear and faced pansies in bright colors—it’s the most cheerful pansy mix we sell. We’ve seen a strong improvement recently in the white-faced Kabuki-style pansies that are included here. This vivid mix can be seen easily from a distance.

Delta Pure Colors Mix

Another bright and cheery selection is Delta Pure Colors Mix—it’s similar to Fruit Salad but with all clear pansies. Most professional landscape designers use clear pansies when they want to maximize a color presentation. This mix delivers brilliant red, white, orange, yellow, and blue with strong coverage.

Our new Delta pansy mixes are available in the 8-inch pot.