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Three Purple Peppers

FN 1.11 Purple Flash msstate.edu sg110517purple200 copy
‘Purple Flash’—the focus is on the foliage

Ornamental peppers are integral to fall sales, offering an alternative to flowering mums and pansies with their colorful fruits and foliage. In an assortment of shapes and sizes the peppers themselves bring an added dimension of texture to autumn decor. We find that picking a purple pepper puts a unique spin on displays for fall so here are three distinct takes on this compelling Capsicum color:


Eye on Rudbeckia

FN 2.1 RUD rudbeckia hirta cherry brandy 3 gardening express
Charming ‘Cherry Brandy’

Embrace the concept of classic charm and make rudbeckia the focal point in a whiskey barrel for fall. Stick with one variety or create a festive mix—our autumn line was grown with a harvest-themed palette in mind. When choosing a cultivar, remember that both the shade of the petals and the color of the eye affect the mood you’re trying to create. Here are two selections that can take you in different directions:

‘Cherry Brandy’—deep cherry red petals surround a dark chocolate center. Flowers measure 3–4 inches across and plants reach about 2 feet tall. 

‘Prairie Sun’—golden apricot petals fade to yellow at the tips and surround a pale green eye. Flowers measure up to 5 inches in diameter and plants grow to about 3 feet.

FN 2.4 RUD Prairie Sun 0002
Pale green eyes of ‘Prairie Sun’

Both have large flowers. One plant is a bit taller than the other but you can see the difference that the color makes—almost like night and day. Go with a darker or brighter design, or combine them to play up their differences, adding ‘Indian Summer’ to tie them together or some fountain grass to vary the texture. Rudbeckia is a pollinator-friendly plant, which is also important to remember as we head into the fall season.

‘Cherry Brandy’ and ‘Prairie Sun’ come in the 4.5 and 8-inch pot sizes. Please see the Availability section of our web site for the full line of rudbeckia for fall. To read more about Fresh Rudbeckia for Autumn, please click here:



Celosia ‘First Flame Yellow’

FN 3.2 Celosia first flame 00484 pk p1
‘First Flame Yellow’ fills out as well as up

Another yellow option for fall is ‘First Flame Yellow’, a mid height celosia. At around 14 inches high it’s a little bit taller than the Ice Cream series we discussed in the summer and a nice size to use in the autumn border. First Flame is actually considered a breakthrough in the breeding of tall plumosa varieties from the Dutch company, Celex, that specializes in celosia.

These plumes are nice and full, providing plenty of feathery texture in bright, golden yellow. A mass planting is truly striking—like a fast-moving blaze across the landscape. In containers ‘First Flame Yellow’ fills out as well as up, adding a warm, glowing note to balance red, orange, and purple elements.

All in all, this is simply a versatile selection for lighting up mixed combinations and autumn landscapes. We find that the blooms last a long time and it rarely needs any attention once it’s planted.

‘First Flame Yellow’ is available in the 6-inch pot.

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