Spring 2015


Downy Mildew on Coleus

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Downy mildew came in on the wind

Coleus has been one of our top selling categories for the last several years so we always make a point of planting them around the facility here. One of our favorite varieties, ‘Wasabi’, was not growing as vigorously as it should so we became concerned. Given the weather lately and looking at the display bed—particularly at the growth of the plant—we suspected downy mildew [DM] came in on the wind.


Sunfinity™ Sunflowers

FN 1.11 20170713 081848 Elmer
Sunfinity™ sunflowers make the landscape come to life

Rise and shine—a stand of these bright yellow blooms makes the landscape come to life and puts a spring in the step of anyone who passes by them. If you’re looking for a sunflower with more blooms, multiple branches, and a nonstop show that lasts all season long, Sunfinity™ is the way to go. Customers can expect an average of 50 blooms per plant from late spring through late summer or early fall on this vigorous new cultivar from Syngenta.


Goji Berry

FN 1.3 goji berry AOMA graduate school
Goji berry—a tasty superfood 

At first glance you might think these are grape tomatoes but they’re actually goji berries—considered by many to be among the healthiest of all super foods. They’ve been touted as curing everything from poor eyesight to cancer, which may or may not be true. We do know that they’re full of vitamins and other nutrients and above all else—they taste good.


Fresh Summer Plants

 FN 1.2 TAG Taishan Orange 0002 copy
Taishan marigolds

At Diefenbacher we’re still here carrying on through summer, even though a lot of other suppliers close up shop after the big spring shipments. We grow fresh plants specifically for the season—potted up just a few weeks ago and not repurposed from leftover spring material. Our summer crops are raised with our signature care and attention so they’re lush and healthy to liven up landscapes and retail benches.


Crossandra ‘Florida Sunset’

FN 1.2 Crossandra Florida Sunset blackoliveeastnursery.net
Warm, glowing blooms of ‘Florida Sunset’

We’ve brought back the lovely crossandra in a pretty shade of golden orange. You might remember this firecracker plant that thrives in the heat and humidity of a Cincinnati summer. Take a look at the unique flowers—they’re shaped like moths. Now do you remember?

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