Spring 2015


Three Purple Peppers

FN 1.11 Purple Flash msstate.edu sg110517purple200 copy
‘Purple Flash’—the focus is on the foliage

Ornamental peppers are integral to fall sales, offering an alternative to flowering mums and pansies with their colorful fruits and foliage. In an assortment of shapes and sizes the peppers themselves bring an added dimension of texture to autumn decor. We find that picking a purple pepper puts a unique spin on displays for fall so here are three distinct takes on this compelling Capsicum color:


Portulaca ‘Raspberry Lemonade’

FN 1.2 MG 5019
Our field of candidates…

Drumroll, please…

For the past few years at Field Day we’ve had you cast votes for your favorite variety of certain plants in our Display Gardens. It’s become an annual ritual, and though you might consider it a gimmick to add some light-hearted fun to the day we actually take the results very seriously. Your votes help us determine which varieties we’ll continue to grow and which ones we’ll retire, at least for the time being. 


Quick Pansy Color is In Demand

FN 1.16 20170921 152326 Elmer copy 2
Stock up on popular Delta and Matrix pansy bowls

Convenience is always in demand, especially during fall as the schedule starts to fill up once again. Festive holiday events seem to roll up on us out of nowhere this time of year and customers will be looking for a quick color fix. Keep them happy by stocking up on our most popular Delta and Matrix pansy varieties in the 8-inch terra cotta planter. 


Chasmanthium Sea Oats

FN 1.2 northern sea oats 010
Sea oats—a departure from typical ornamental varieties

Ornamental grasses add height, texture, and drama to fall décor, and we have a pretty native variety to talk about today: sea oats. It offers a different look than what we’re accustomed to, forming loosely tufted clumps with feathery seed heads that droop from slender arching stems. Sound effects are included, as a gentle rustling can be heard when the seed heads nod and flutter with even the slightest breeze. 


Field Day 2017: Our Best Yet

FN 1.2 Crowd around Elmer MG 2261
Lots of logos showed up at Field Day 2017 

By every internal measure—notebooks used, donuts consumed, people present—our recent Field Day was the most popular one we have presented. Over 100 attendees were on hand, many wearing their company logo on shirts, t-shirts, or hoodies. That pride inspired us—here’s a little of what we saw.

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