Christmas Warm-Up

 FN 1.2 POI Autumn Leaves 0002 copy
‘Autumn Leaves’ from Dümmen Orange

Here’s a different spin on the typical poinsettia—‘Autumn Leaves’, a unique variety from Dümmen Orange in a warm blend of autumn-inspired shades. Deep apricot-yellow bracts are flecked with pink, bringing to mind a sunny fall nature walk or some freshly baked pumpkin spice cookies gently dusted with cinnamon.

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A simple yet elegant table decoration

‘Autumn Leaves’ is a boon for customers who want an increasingly earlier start to the holidays. It makes a lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece that can stay in place right through Christmas, with a simple switch of festive tablecloths after dinner.

Its non-traditional color scheme makes this poinsettia eye-catching enough to use alone as a minimalist countertop decoration. For a cozy harvest tablescape we suggest adding some fresh greens and fragrant herbs to round out the holiday arrangement. 

FN 1.4 1280 Dummen Orange 2
Stylish earthy tones keep ‘Autumn Leaves’ on trend

Earthy tones are trendy for Christmas this year and ‘Autumn Leaves’ is right in line with the trend. Overall it has a coppery cast, which pairs nicely with the elegant rose-gold ornaments we’re about to start seeing on branches and wreaths for the season. This is a novelty variety that happens to be quite stylish.

FN 1.1 POI Autumn Leaves 0001
Warm apricot color deepens with age

You’ll notice that as this poinsettia ages the apricot color deepens for an even richer, more striking look. It makes a versatile gift—bring this plant to a rustic Thanksgiving gathering and your host/hostess can enjoy it all the way through a cozy Christmas, then dress it up for a posh New Year’s Eve celebration.

We grow ‘Autumn Leaves’ in the 4.5-inch pot.

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