National Poinsettia Day

FN 1.1 POI Hearthside with Glitter in Action 2 copy
National Poinsettia Day is December 12th

In 2002 Congress declared December 12th National Poinsettia Day to celebrate the beauty of one of our favorite holiday plants. This day was also set aside to honor Joel Roberts Poinsett, the man responsible for bringing the Flower of the Holy Night to this country from its native Mexico, and Paul Ecke, who is considered the father of the Poinsettia industry here in the United States.

FN 1.3 Hearthside White 5 copy
Hearthside planter in white

Annual parades are held to commemorate this special day but we’ll be doing so with our distinctive Hearthside planters and centerpieces. In true Diefenbacher tradition, each planter is designed as a living display for the season with a unique personality all its own. We start with our vibrant Poinsettias down the center and get creative with an array of foliage plants in complementary shades of silver and green.

These days the demand for one-of-a-kind holiday décor has snowballed so it’s essential to put an interesting spin on the classics—and the Hearthside arrangement does just that.

FN 1.5 Hearthside Planter Cinnamon copy
Hearthside planter in Cinnamon

Our aim with the 24-inch rectangular planter was to fill an immense space without getting lost. We design it high and showy with individual components chosen to add elegance and high-end polish. It makes a stately focal point for churches, halls, malls, and other large venues, as well as for retail displays, homes, and businesses.

FN 1.6 Hearthside in Color Bowl 2 copy
Beautiful in a 14-inch round plante

We also make the Hearthside in a 14-inch round planter. We design this lower and wider so it makes more sense on a coffee or dining table. As beautiful as our Poinsettias are, guests still like to see each other when they're chatting over a holiday meal!

That’s all well and good, but it’s important to remember that the beauty of our Hearthside is not simply foliage-deep. Underneath the colorful canopy the soil volume is large enough to keep the entire display healthy and happy long past the holidays.

FN 1.8 Hearthside Planter Pink
Pink Hearthside planter is a nice change in color

For variety, the Hearthside arrangement can be made in Red, White, Pink, or any of the other novelty art-style Poinsettia varieties we sell. After all these years, classic Red is still by far the biggest seller—it has the most dramatic pop.

FN 1.4 Hearthside Planter Red 2

This year's ‘Christmas Beauty Red’ are stunning

‘Christmas Beauty Red’ is especially stunning this year. We like the rounded bracts and smooth edges, in addition to the nice V-shaped habit. Plus the plants are dense with lots of bracts and strong, thick stems. This Poinsettia looks extra festive in a Hearthside—the rich red color speaks for itself.

Our classic ‘Christmas Beauty Red’ also comes in the 4.5, 6.5, and 7.5-inch pot and the 10-inch hanging basket.

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