The Quiet Fern

FER Macho

Another St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone but green is always on our radar. Recently we’ve been noticing a greater interest in Ferns so we’ve expanded our collection to include a number of new varieties. In their understated way these plants play a strong supporting role, adding interest while infusing the landscape with a sense of calm.

FER Austral Gem‘Austral Gem’

If you watched The Quiet Man over the recent holiday—or if you’re familiar with John Wayne in general—you know that strength can emanate from a calm demeanor. In a range of verdant shades rather than a rainbow of competing colors, Ferns rely on their unique textures to give them character. We’ve chosen some intriguing selections to keep the peace without sacrificing a little classic drama.

FER Artillery

For example, ‘Artillery’ is a small, shrubby plant with rounded light green leaves that adds a breath of life peaking out between stones in the rock garden. ‘Emerald Queen’ is eye-catching in a basket sitting on an old chair, with long, narrow tendrils that reach out in every direction. We also like the broad blades of ‘Birdnest’—they bring a bit of brightness to the floor of a shaded woodland setting.

FER Emerald Queen
‘Emerald Queen’

While many Fern leaves offer a tropical spa look, like ‘Blue Star’ and ‘Ribbon’, our Fern collection also contains the classics, such as ‘Boston’, ‘Maidenhair’, and—for John Wayne fans—‘Macho’. These could almost be called comfort Ferns because of the memories and emotions they so often evoke. Using traditional Fern styles in unexpected ways—as edging, for example—is another way to bring life to a design.

FER Ribbon

Some textures, like ‘Heart’ and ‘Fluffy Ruffle’, are simply fun in whatever way you choose to use them. These are particularly effective up close so passersby can get a good look.

FER Heart

Now, like many a fine Irishman we know, Ferns prefer to spend their time in the shade—though not for fear of freckles. Ferns simply handle heavy shade very well, which is another advantage they bring to the table along with keeping the atmosphere serene…and green.

FER Birdnest

Familiar faces in our Fern collection include:

  • ‘Boston’ (4.5-inch pot and 10-inch hanging basket)
  • ‘Maidenhair’ (4.5 and 6-inch pot sizes)
  • ‘Fluffy Ruffle’ (10-inch hanging basket)
  • ‘Macho’ (10-inch hanging basket)

We also have the following designer selections in the 4.5-inch pot:

  • ‘Artillery’
  • ‘Austral Gem’ 
  • ‘Birdnest’
  • ‘Blue Star’ 
  • ‘Bronze Venus’
  • ‘Button’
  • ‘East Indian Holly’
  • ‘Emerald Queen’
  • ‘Heart’
  • ‘Plumosa’
  • ‘Ribbon’

FER Boston

 FER Maidenhair

FER Blue Star
‘Blue Star’

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