Agapanthus ‘Stevie’s Wonder’

FN 1.04 AGA Stevies Wonder
Agapanthus ‘Stevie's Wonder’—loosely held balls of blue perched high

Isn’t it lovely? ‘Stevie’s Wonder’ is ready to party if you need to make a splash for Independence Day festivities. These big violet-blue blooms look like a fireworks display, perched up high on tall, 3-foot stems. They’d be great in an oversized planter around the pool for a dramatic summer spectacle.

FN 1.07 AGA Stevies Wonder
Each cluster is a tight set of small, lily-like flowers

If you look closely you’ll notice the blooms are actually round clusters of small, lily-like flowers. We get an abundance of them from summer to fall, and hummingbirds are frequent visitors. It’s not a problem—the long stems are strong enough to support all that company. They also look dramatic in a vase.

FN 1.08 AGA Stevies WonderA great source of summertime food for pollinators

At the base of the plant a clump of glossy green, strap-like leaves completes the tropical picture. For customers who want to create a stay-cation at home, edging a walkway or patio with this Lady-of-the-Nile adds a relaxing, exotic touch. It’s a carefree plant as well—pests and deer leave it alone and once established in the landscape it’s very tolerant of drought.

FN 1.06 AGA Stevies WonderA sturdy crown is the base where strap-like leaves emerge

We like ‘Stevie’s Wonder’ for the beautiful deep indigo blue it brings to the table. Coupled with the unique shape of the flower clusters—and the sheer volume of them—it turns a lot of heads, yet it manages to remain elegant and stately at the same time. We have lot of fun with this plant.

FN 1.09 AGA Stevies Wonder
Use Agapanthus to make a tall and showy display

Lady-of-the-Nile can develop very thick crowns with many, many leaves spraying outward in a radial pattern. Space it tightly—the plants bloom better if they are crowded. ‘Stevie’s Wonder’ works best in a mixed garden or as a central specimen in a larger grouping. It also makes a great container plant because the leaves protect the soil within the pot. An important feature for Cincinnati summers: it loves the sun.

‘Stevie’s Wonder’ is available in the 1-gallon pot.

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