New Falling Star Pentas

FN 1.06 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor
This trailing Pentas is new to the industry

Our new Falling Star Pentas series is the first and only trailing Pentas on the market. This is a true breakthrough in Pentas breeding. It means that now we have another trailing, heat loving plant to swap into combinations and baskets to withstand the summer months here in Cincinnati.

FN 1.05 PEN Falling Star Rose
‘Falling Star Rose’ is another color of trailing Pentas

Falling Star joins our other distinctive Pentas series: Butterfly, with continuous blooms on upright plants that are shorter and more compact than earlier varieties; Graffiti—another continuous bloomer that’s known for its brilliant colors, and ‘Northern Lights® Lavender’ that flowers just as freely in cool temperatures as it does in the heat. Each has its niche in the market but one dimension was missing, and Falling Star has come through with a beautiful trailing habit.

FN 1.02 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor
Here’s a closeup of Falling Star’s habit in a large basket

Over the last several years we’ve upped our Pentas production. New genetics have resulted in larger flower heads and a longer season of color, and now a much sought-after trailing variety. We’ve come to rely on this stalwart plant that thrives through the hottest months of the year, drought and all, and keeps producing vivid star-shaped flowers throughout the season.

FN 1.04 PEN Falling Star Rose
‘Falling Star Rose’ has a pale pink eye with a bright twist of white in the center

 Tough summer color in a low-maintenance package is a commodity we never take for granted. Pentas forgives us if we neglect watering occasionally and keeps cranking out the blooms without the need for deadheading. Of course, the unique shape of the flowers adds an extra element of texture to a design as well.

FN 1.03 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor
The star shape is very clear in ‘Falling Star Pink Bicolor’

We have two lovely Falling Star varieties for 2018: 

  • Pink Bicolor—clusters of star-shaped light and dark pink bicolor flowers
  • Rose—clusters of star-shaped deep rose-pink flowers 

FN 1.01 PEN Falling Star Pink Bicolor|Flowers pack into a tight ball that becomes the main focus of the plant

Like all Pentas, these plants love full sun and are irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Fill a hanging basket with Falling Stars so guests on a front porch or patio can kick back, relax, and enjoy the graceful pollinator performance.

‘Falling Star Pink Bicolor’ and ‘Falling Star Rose’ are available in the 4.5-inch pot.

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