Summer Ideas This Week

SAL Victoria Blue 0001
We have plenty of fresh summer plants in stock

Summer does not mean you have to run out of ideas because everyone else has run out of inventory. At Diefenbacher we grow fresh for the summer:

  • (A) Crops are specifically grown to do well in the summer heat
  • (B) Our material is new—not tired—so plants are raring to go into the landscape or displays

Bear in mind, this is just a small selection of ideas we have for you. Give us a call, or refer to our Availability page to see the full list of possibilies you can still bring to your work.

Let’s take a brief tour of what is shipping this week:

ANG Serena Blue 0001For the snapdragon look in summer—Angelonia

Angelonia ‘Serena Blue’ and Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’

If you’re in a blue mood we have a couple of selections that will add a bit of height to a display as well. Angelonia ‘Serena Blue’ has elegant snapdragon-type flowers on strong stalks, growing about 10–14 inches tall. Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’ is slightly taller at 18–24 inches and is our go-to for a dark, true blue. Pair either of these with chartreuse foliage to make the blue pop.

CEL Intenz 0001
Fuzzy brush is a fun look for summer

Celosia ‘Intenz’

A steady stream of bold purple-magenta flower spikes keeps ‘Intenz’ looking fresh continually, even during the hottest days of the season. Use it to flood a dry, sun-baked spot with color or to liven up an area with poor soil. We’re fans of the feathery flowers for bumping up the texture in combos.

VIN Titan Dark Red 0001
A landscape staple that also works well in pots

Vinca ‘Titan Dark Red’

Butterflies love these huge, deep red flowers. Vinca has become a key summer crop in recent years due to its incredible dependability in the face of tough weather and heat. We also like the large, Impatiens-style flowers and the way they glow against the dark, glossy foliage—great for soil coverage because the plants’ habit is short, thick, and bushy.

DIA Jolt Pink 0001
Dianthus is a good choice for summer color

 Dianthus ‘Amazon Neon Purple’ and ‘Jolt Pink’

Put on your sunglasses—you’re going to need them. ‘Amazon Neon Purple’ radiates out of glossy, dark green foliage on strong stems, to punch up the color in landscape beds and containers. It’s a hybrid that’s much more durable than the typical chinensis, or pinks. ‘Jolt™ Pink’ revs up the landscape with frilly, 50mph color—it’s also the most heat-tolerant Dianthus on the market. Jolt stands up to cold, rain, and wind too, while keeping its tidy appearance. Long lasting and low-maintenance—this is our favorite kind of color. 

PEN Graffiti Pink 0001
Use Pentas for elegant presentations

Pentas ‘Graffiti Lipstick’

Cherry red ‘Graffiti Lipstick’ produces an abundance of nectar in addition to cranking out continuous blooms all summer. This series is known for its vibrant colors and large flower heads, and ‘Lipstick’ is especially eye-catching. Pentas, as you know, has a reputation for withstanding heat and drought as well as for attracting butterflies.

GOM Fireworks 0001
Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’ has a wilder, meadow-style look 

Gomphrena ‘Fireworks’

Now, with Independence Day around the corner we have to include ‘Fireworks’. Hot magenta flowers with golden yellow tips infuse this Gomphrena with plenty of character. It’s a departure from the typical cute little gumdrop blooms, and great for getting vivid color up high—these tall stems reach around 3–4 feet. Cue the John Philip Sousa!

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