Poinsettia ‘Sonora White Glitter’

FN1.06 POI Sonora White Glitter
‘Sonora White Glitter’—each spot and splash is a surprise

Surprises make the holidays exciting—unexpected guests, fabulous gifts, and delicious home-baked treats from neighbors and friends. Those little thrills are what keep us looking forward to the season. Go ahead and include ‘Sonora White Glitter’ on that Christmas list because it, too, is full of surprises.

FN1.08 POI Sonora White Glitter
I spy…an almost all-white leaf

Each bright red bract begs the question, “Will there be a spot or a splash of white?” Flecks on this Art-Style Point are pretty random, even though the breeders have been trying to arrive at a more stable color pattern. Sure, it might make life easier knowing exactly where that one solid white bract is going to end up, but not knowing is part of the fun.

FN1.12 POI Sonora White Glitter
‘Sonora White Glitter’ is the most modern-looking Poinsettia we grow

‘Sonora White Glitter’ is the most modern-looking Art-Style Poinsettia we have. We admit that designing with it can require a leap of faith; however, therein lies the plant’s beauty. By its very nature each design is truly unique.

FN1.10 POI Sonora White Glitter
White flecking makes the bracts “sparkle”

Also unique is the way this cultivar lives up to its name. As a result of the uneven flecking these bracts actually appear to sparkle. We like to play up the glitz by using a golden bowl or vase for an arrangement and strewing some gold ornaments or pine cones around the centerpiece on the table.

FN1.01 POI Sonora White Glitter
A modern twist on the classic Red Poinsettia

Now, if neither surprises nor avant-garde Poinsettias strike your fancy, consider this: ‘Sonora White Glitter’ is a good gateway Art-Style Poinsettia because it’s basically traditional red. For all its modernness it’s still extremely Christmassy—the pointy bracts even resemble holly leaves.

FN1.09 POI Sonora White Glitter
Red and white bracts intermingle with dark green leaves

If that’s not enough, remember that this is the variety with another unique trait: rather than sitting across the top of the plant the bright red and white bracts intermingle with the dark green leaves. It’s a classic, colorful Christmas party waiting to happen.

FN1.07 POI Sonora White Glitter
Each design will be as unique as each leaf

‘Sonora White Glitter’ is available in the 4.5 and 6.5-inch pot.

FN1.13 POI Sonora White Glitter
Very Christmassy and a lot of fun

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