Dramatic ‘Cortez™ Burgundy’

FN1.03 POI Burgundy
Deep ruby bracts are much darker than the typical Christmas Red

When you want that traditional Red look in an even more dramatic package we recommend ‘Cortez Burgundy’, with deep ruby bracts that are much darker than a typical Christmas Red. This Red alternative has remained a customer favorite through the years. While newer Art-Style Poinsettias are flashy and edgy, ‘Cortez Burgundy’ keeps the popular traditions alive in a subtle, elegant way.

FN1.05 POI Burgundy
‘Cortez Burgundy’ compared to ‘Red’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’

Color is what sets a Poinsettia apart more than any other feature. Red is by far the most popular, especially the bright Christmas Red we normally associate with candy canes, presents, and Rudolph. However, the darker red of a Burgundy Poinsettia is more formal and provides the appropriate gravitas for church décor and religious ceremonies.

FN1.01 POI Burgundy
Smooth, velvety bracts and dark green foliage

These rich burgundy bracts have a smooth, velvety texture that brings to mind the classic Christmas ribbon atop gift boxes and wreaths. A full, rounded habit and striking dark green foliage add another level to the drama of this plant. It works well in our Hearthside planter and other combinations.

FN1.02 POI Burgundy
Burgundy works with gold in a warm color scheme

As you choose a Poinsettia for a holiday presentation, consider the color scheme of the room where it will be displayed. ‘Cortez Burgundy’ works with warm colors such as red, yellow, gold, and forest green. When the weather is cold, warm colors are often the way to go.

FN1.04 POI Burgundy
Maria shows how large a 6-inch ‘Cortez Burgundy’ can get

If cool shades of white and silver are what you have to work with, versatile Burgundy can fit in with them as well. It pairs nicely with white—because the bracts are so dark it creates an almost black and white effect. This can work in a modern design with metallic silver accents, or a rustic one with sprigs of greenery and a black and white checkered ribbon.

Remember: Wednesday, December 12th is National Poinsettia Day—the perfect occasion to do some creative designing with Poinsettias.

Beautiful ‘Cortez Burgundy’ is available in the 4.5 and 6.5-inch pot.

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