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Marigold ‘Taishan Gold’

 TAG Taishan Gold 0001
This large head is held up by a very thick, sturdy stem

Many pros consider Taishan the best dwarf African Marigold for landscaping. It produces big, fully double flowers on strong, sturdy stems and lasts a long time. Vibrant color seals the deal. We grow this variety in the summer because it’s much better at handling summer rainstorms than other varieties. Petals are tightly held, which keeps the water from penetrating the flowers. Blooms stay looking fresh and perky after a rain when traditional marigolds are turning brown.

TAG Taishan Gold 0002
‘Taishan Gold’—better side branching makes an impressive mass display 

Taishans grow around a foot high—lush and low for when you need to fill out and add splashes of bright color to border fronts or window boxes. Marigold ‘Taishan Gold’ is available in the 8-inch pot. We also have some Taishan Mix in the 8-inch pot. 

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