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We’ve noticed that our beautiful Poinsettia hanging baskets have taken on a life outside of their intended use. Often they become extra large holiday displays in the same vein as our decorative planters.

To convert the basket to a centerpiece, simply remove the hanger and place some candlesticks to the right and left…or let your creativity take over to complete the vignette. Slip a golden charger under the basket and scatter some sparkly Christmas balls around the base, or maybe some silver jingle bells. Curls of ribbon would also do the trick.

Place the basket on a shelf with a stack of holiday books beside it—A Christmas Carol, The Night Before Christmas, etc. Look for unique items to complement the plant: an old lantern, a collection of pinecones, or maybe a retro snowman figurine. For an interesting twist place the basket in an urn or plant stand with red and silver balls on ribbons dangling from the ceiling above it.

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