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New Harmony New Guineas

FN2.1 NG IMP Harmony Radiance Scarlet
New Guinea Impatiens ‘Harmony Radiance Scarlet’

We’ve added two new colors to our Harmony New Guinea collection. ‘Perfect Pink’ has Day-Glo bubblegum pink flowers that pop against the dark green foliage. ‘Radiance Scarlet’ is striking as well, with vibrant red-orange flowers accented by gleaming white centers. It’s a unique look and we like it—the color combination is even more eye-catching than ‘Radiance Magenta’.

Harmony New Guineas have strong stems to hold all those flowers and leaves—they branch out underneath the foliage where you can’t see them. Though these plants have slightly smaller blooms than the Celebration New Guineas, the Harmonies have so many flowers across the top that the overall color coverage is better. When it comes to brightening smaller beds and pots you truly get your money’s worth with the Harmony series.

In addition, Harmony New Guineas are more heat-tolerant than other varieties so they’ll last longer into the summer. Our two new selections join the wide range of colors already in our collection—we recommend keeping several in the design toolbox: Apricot Cream; Cardinal Red; Dark Lilac; Deep Red; Fuchsia Cream; Mix; Orange Blaze; Pure White; Radiance Magenta; Salmon, and Violet.

All of our Harmony New Guineas are available in the 4.5-inch pot.

FN2.2 NG IMP Harmony Perfect Pink
New Guinea Impatiens ‘Harmony Perfect Pink’

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