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Warm Poinsettias

POI Autumn Leaves
‘Autumn Leaves’

For your convenience remember that we have two unique Poinsettias in warm tones that work for autumn arrangements and transition easily into Christmas décor. Art-style Poinsettias add a light-hearted touch to holiday displays and they’re often so eye-catching that we don’t have to add anything else. Save time, save money, and get your creative juices flowing early this year.

‘Autumn Leaves’ is glowing in fall-inspired shades of golden bronze. Its rich apricot notes deepen as it ages for an even more striking look. 

‘Peppermint Ruffles’ has velvety light pink, slightly ruffled leaves that are speckled with dark pink. It’s stunning when surrounded by classic red Poinsettias.

POI Peppermint Ruffles 0002
‘Peppermint Ruffles’

These two uncommon Poinsettias get a nice glow going when we use them together. They make lovely Thanksgiving centerpieces—and they’re both well received as holiday gifts.

‘Autumn Leaves’ comes in the 4.5-inch pot. ‘Peppermint Ruffles’ is available in the 4.5, 6.5, and 7.5-inch pot sizes.

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