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Zahara Double Zinnia

ZIN Zahara Double Salmon
Zinnia ‘Zahara Double Salmon’

We’ve added a few new Zahara Doubles to our Zinnia collection.  Salmon is a new shade that’s quite different than most other Zinnia offerings. It opens the color palette, whether for mixing with other Zinnias or combining with other plants—such as blue Salvia.

ZIN Zahara Double Bright Orange 0002
‘Zahara Double Bright Orange’ 

Bright Orange is just that—it doesn’t have the red in it that other oranges do. It’s vibrant and light without the heaviness of the other orange. There’s no autumn feeling here.

ZIN Zahara Double White
‘Zahara Double White’

The White—oh, the White. It has renewed our faith in white. We shied away from promoting white because the old blooms hung on when they were brown and really detracted from the plant.  This one blooms long and hard and does not seem to cycle as much.  As a result the white is very pure and clean. Plus this variety buries its dead so you don't have a plant covered with unsightly dead blooms.

These three colors are truly great additions to the line and we’re excited to offer them. We believe the genetics to be outstanding, as witnessed in our field trials.

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