Diefenbacher Greenhouses

about1Since 1983 Diefenbacher Greenhouses has pursued its mission to provide our customers with the finest quality plant material and delivery service. Our years of experience in selecting superior varieties allow us to offer the finest collection of plants available anywhere. Our passion is to supply privately owned retail horticulture establishments with uncommon plant quality that sets them apart from all other retail florist, garden centers and landscape companies in the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton area.

The experts at Diefenbacher Greenhouses hold various college degrees in floriculture, horticulture, botany and agronomy (soil chemistry). Our diverse areas of expertise enable us to manage the many variables that affect the outcome of any plant trial. Through this evaluation process, a limited number of varieties of blooming, vegetable and foliage plants become Blue Ribbon Blooms™.

We built our business philosophy around providing superior quality and service with integrity. We believe what is best for our customer is ultimately best for us. We exist to serve the independent horticulture retail establishment in the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton area.

Diefenbacher Greenhouses does not sell directly to consumers. Our customers are retail horticulture businesses that sell directly to the public. These independent retailers have kept us in business for more than 25 years and deserve our focused attention and our loyalty. During the spring and fall, the times of peak demand, we concentrate on plant quality and timely shipments to our customers.