Autumn 2012

An Unexpected Offer—Mammoth Mums Right Now!

Mum Mammoth LavenderMammoth Mums are hard to keep in stock—they are very, very popular. For weeks, we have been turning orders away because we’ve been sold out.

Suddenly today we had an unexpected cancellation leaving us with (400) Mammoth Mums in six colors: Spider Yellow, Twilight Pink, Bronze, Coral, Lavender and Deep Pink. We decided to let our faithful readers have first dibs on these gorgeous plants. They are prime and ready to ship, so if you want them you can order them now.


Ornamental Kales In Color

Kale Peacock

Our ornamental cabbages and kales have begun to come into color. Their shades will continue to become more intense as the season cools off, but we have noticed that cabbage and kale sales have taken off early this year. These plants are becoming established pillars of autumn decor, so people are starting to buy them just as the color emerges.

A really nice kale this year is ‘Peacock’. It has very frilly edges and sharply defined color in its stalks and stems during the early season, which makes it an eye-catching jump-off for sales. The plant’s habit has an overall feathery appearance, and the center gets very, very red when the cool nights move in.


Rudbeckia 'Sonora'

Rudbeckia Sonora

Black-eyed susan is a fall favorite for people looking beyond mums. While still cheery and summery, its yellows, browns and golds work well as we transition into harvest and Halloween decor themes. Rudbeckia resembles a mini-sunflower, and each plant comes with a generous number of blooms that stay with it for the season.

A favorite for us is ‘Sonora’, with big flowers measuring about six inches from tip-to-top. It flowers freely like all black-eyed susans, but this variety is short and compact. Large flowers always look dramatic on a small plant, and ‘Sonora’ kicks it up a notch with an extra big ring surrounding the distinctive black cone.


Our New Autumn Edibles

MustardAlong with the traditional fall crops, such as broccoli and edible cabbages, this year we decided to add a line of fancy Asian and European greens as well. They look good, taste good, and have an interesting backstory, so your vegetable table will feature some unique selections to browse.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our autumn edible crops, be sure to call John or Rachel to request them. Our production run was limited.


Why Classics are Classics: Rudbeckia & Petunias

Petunia RudbeckiaClassic mixes become classic for not one but several strong reasons. For example, an extremely popular autumn mix is rudbeckia with petunias. Let’s take a close look at why these two crops work so well with each other.

To begin, both crops withstand the late summer and early autumn weather. They thrive in the hot days and occasionally chilly nights. Both tolerate the sometimes rainy and sometimes dry climate as well, so their cultural needs are pretty evenly matched.

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