Holiday 2013


Better Poinsettia Tags

BetterPoint00We’ve designed a better poinsettia tag for our crops this year, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results. Our new tags feature three distinctive holiday designs on the front and explain why a better plant makes a better holiday gift.

Until now, the poinsettia tag has been treated as a necessary evil, stuck down in the soil in the back of the pot so no one could see it. Buried on the back of that lonely lost tag were the care instructions.


Hearthside Combos and Centerpieces

HSPC-00Our combinations for the Christmas season are the Hearthside Planter and the Hearthside Centerpiece. Unique to Diefenbacher, both are designed as living displays for the holiday season. Poinsettias are the starting point but we add other cool-tolerant silvers and greens to the mix to create vibrant arrangements rather than just points-in-a-pot.

The Hearthside Planter is built around a 24-inch planter—long and thin. We design it high and showy in order to fill the space—often a planter will end up being the focal point in the home or business where it is placed.


Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Centerpieces00We’ve had good luck developing baskets and combos for the various holidays, so we thought we would develop a centerpiece combo for Thanksgiving as well. This is not an early Christmas piece, but a holiday-specific Thanksgiving Centerpiece in two colors, yellow and orange.

Our Thanksgiving Centerpiece is designed to look good in wicker baskets or in centerpiece dishes. It’s low and a bit wide—so that dinner guests will be able to see over and around it easily. A nice splash of color at the top for drama is supported by contrasting darker shades underneath.


Poinsettia ‘Ice Crystal’

01.Ice-Crystal00Variegated poinsettias sell well around Thanksgiving and right afterwards. Decorators who get to work early in the season are serious about their presentations and gravitate toward the more unusual plants, so those tend to sell early. For a look that is off the beaten path, we recommend ‘Ice Crystal’.

Gather these plants together into a stand or a display or even in a Hearthside Planter—they’ll look like traditional poinsettias dusted with Christmas snow. Such a beautiful effect is one that only this style of variegation can produce. With a full set of color brachts on top, the display is nice and big on each plant. Plus ‘Ice Crystal’ grows more slowly than the quick cultivars, producing that classic ball of color customers like so much. Overall, the impact gives ‘Picasso’ a run for its money as best looking display plant.


Order Thanksgiving Poinsettias Now

point0001Although it may seem strange to talk about poinsettias at turkey time, the truth is that there are sales in providing early red color for Christmas. Some businesses want color delivered earlier so they can prep for the big “Day After” without working on Thanksgiving Day. Some need early delivery because big projects require extra prep and ample time to pull everything together.