Holiday 2014


New Delta Pansy Mixes

Delta Main

We’ve noticed a spike in sales of pansy mixes over the past couple of years, so we’ve added a few new Delta mixes to our production. As far as we’re concerned, a good mix is uniform in height, habit, and timing; if it’s lacking in any of those areas the color presentation will suffer. 

Consistency is key and Delta pansies come through across the board; plus, we’re fans of those large, upward facing blooms—they make a big impact. Plants in the Delta series are tough, too. They overwinter well and rebound nicely after severe weather.


Begonia Rex ‘Jive’

BEG Jive 01

For intriguing foliage we grow rex begonias and we’ve added a new one to our collection for spring: ‘Jive’. Vibrant chartreuse leaves are ruffled and edged in purple for a striking presentation. Chartreuse is in vogue among designers at the moment and it’s not always easy to find. Here we have it in a compact, dwarf plant that grows about 12 inches tall.


Cottage Garden Bowls

Cottage Garden 01

A couple of years ago we set out to create an early spring product with vibrant colors, fun textures, and most importantly, strong performance through cool nights. Lo and behold—Cottage Garden Bowls were born. They’ve become very popular, so we’re offering them again this year.


The Christmas Begonia


Red and green leaves, sprinkled with snow, encased in ruffled edges of deep mahogany like the bark on the Yule log…it’s ‘Christmas Beauty’, the Christmas begonia.

Yes, it does exist.

We’ll be honest—we don’t normally think about begonias at Christmastime. Poinsettias have a lock on holiday décor; they’re striking, sentimental standards. But they were new once. Their Christmas popularity began to surge in the 1960s as they appeared on the Tonight Show and the Bob Hope Christmas Specials. Maybe ‘Christmas Beauty’ just needs a little hype.


Poinsettia Displays for Businesses


Our family of poinsettia displays for businesses has grown this year to include an extra-large floor arrangement. We’ve designed this new piece wide and tall to make the most of open-space areas in lobbies and showrooms—it comes in at around 32–36 inches high. This means our line of Poinsettia Centerpieces now comes in three sizes: Large for floor displays, Medium for tabletops, and Small for desks.