Early Spring 2015


Dreamland Zinnia

Dreamland Zinnias 03

Zinnia is an old fashioned favorite. When it comes to showstopping color in a reliable, indestructible garden plant, zinnia is the clear winner every time. It’s very easy to grow, with large dahlia-like flowers in bold, cheery colors that last all summer. 


New Winged Begonias

BEG Baby Wing White

Landscapers and designers value winged begonias for their strong garden performance. They know they can count on these plants to provide beautiful flowers and attractive foliage all season long, in a variety of climates and conditions, with very little maintenance. We’ve added three new selections to our lineup this year; all are easy to grow in sun to part shade, but each is unique in character. 


Grafted Tomatoes

Grafted 00

Right now grafted tomatoes are the newest, hottest trend among tomato enthusiasts. Why the fuss? It’s all about the yield. Plant for plant, a grafted tomato will out-perform a traditional tomato seedling of the same variety. Depending on the cultivar, the improvement can range from a 30% to a 50% greater yield. For small space gardeners, a tomato with more fruit per square foot is compelling.

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