Poinsettia ‘Ice Punch’

FN1.07 POI Ice Punch
‘Ice Punch’ is a clever inverse of the Marble effect

Marble Poinsettias remain popular among those seeking alternatives to the standard Red, White, and Pink varieties. ‘Ice Punch’ actually offers an alternative to the typical Marble—it’s kind of a Marble in reverse. Rosy red bracts have a bold blaze of feathery white down the center. It also has a couple of other notable features that make it a unique design element.

FN1.24 POI Ice Punch
Maria shows us how large a single 6-inch pot is

Variegation on ‘Ice Punch’ almost appears as if a light frost has settled on the bracts, lightening the overall effect. As a result, this cultivar can be used alongside Red or Pink Poinsettias to break up a monotonous design. It also fills its space with color very well, which allows it to handle many different roles—home, commercial, or display—quite well.

FN1.08 POI Ice Punch
As bracts mature their white centers become more pronounced

Bracts are smaller on ‘Ice Punch’ but there are lots of them so we get a nice, full presentation. They’re also pointier, with a shape similar to that of a holly leaf, and the leaves are dark green for striking contrast. As the bracts mature we get even more dramatic pop as the white centers become more pronounced.

FN1.03 POI Ice Punch
Pointy bracts and dark green foliage resemble holly leaves

We find that ‘Ice Punch’ pairs nicely with another of our Art-Style Poinsettias—‘Sparkling Punch’, its pretty pink cousin. This allows us to keep one pattern across the entire design of a display while swapping out the underlying pinks and reds. It’s an unusual approach to Poinsettia design and it’s possible because the plants are similar in size and growth habit, standing a bit more upright than other varieties. 

FN1.25 POI Ice Punch
‘Ice Punch’ makes a statement as a quick centerpiece or festive accent

Of course, like our other Art-Style selections, ‘Ice Punch’ makes a strong statement when used on its own, as a quick centerpiece or festive accent. It also makes a great gift for those who are intrigued by the novelty but are too timid to actually take the dive and buy one—sometimes all it takes is a little nudge.

‘Ice Punch’ is available in the 4.5, 6.5, and 7.5-inch pot and the 10-inch hanging basket. ‘Sparkling Punch’ comes in the 6.5 and 7.5-inch pot sizes.

FN1.02 POI Ice Punch
White “frost” on the bracts lightens the overall look

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