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BRO Destiny
Broccoli ‘Destiny’ is ready to go now

It’s a good time to start setting out Cabbage, Broccoli, and Lettuce because they flourish in the cold weather of early spring. Here are some suggestions shipping now:

  • Lettuce ‘Buttercrunch’: Soft leaves have a buttery texture for melt-in-your-mouth salads. It also has some heat-resistance. Available in the 1203 flat.
  • Kale ‘Blue Curled Vates’: Finely curled blue-green leaves form compact, low plants. As a dark, leafy green Kale is a healthy, trendy superfood that’s packed with vitamins and iron. Available in the 1203 flat.
  • Broccoli ‘Destiny’: Dwarf plants produce Broccoli with a nice, smooth dome, medium-small beads, and a round shape. These classic little trees are delicious roasted, pureed in creamy soups, and stir-fried for take-out made at home. Available in the 1801 flat.
  • Brussels Sprouts ‘Franklin’: Cute mini cabbages improve in flavor with a light frost; stalks are less woody than other varieties. Roast them to bring out their nutty sweetness or shred them for a trendy shaved Brussels Sprout salad. Available in the 1203 flat.
  • Cabbage ‘Red Jewel’: Large, tightly packed heads of deep ruby leaves—this is one of the best red Cabbages. It’s delicious for eating fresh, cooking, canning, or pickling and also stores well once it is harvested. Available in the 1801 flat.

CAB Red Jewel
Cabbage ‘Red Jewel’ stands out in the garden and on the plate

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