Mums for Halloween

mum_butterflyRight about now, the need for instant, impressive color cranks right up. Halloween is a decoration holiday, and a number of homes and businesses really get into the spirit of things during the second half of the month. Our 12-inch mum crop is perfect for creating that big, impressive centerpiece for the holiday, and the color is blooming out just in time. These plants are big . . .  they’re as tall as a baseball bat!

For landscapers with commercial accounts—a quick phone call to offer extra large mum planters for the front of a business can result in some end-of-season revenue.There will be no waiting for the full impact to open up, and the planters will provide big color for the entire holiday season.

For retailers, these 12-inch mums make excellent centerpieces for Halloween parties. They also work nicely as large set pieces by the door or driveway. Mums are a great way to dress up the home, welcoming neighbors who come around for parties and of course, the parade of trick-or-treaters!

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