Novelty Poinsettias

poinsettia_marblestarNovelty Poinsettias are those plants with variegation in the color of their bracts. Although they look blotchy from a distance, patterns can be organized into groups of styles based on the strength of their color and the manner in which the shades blend together. Knowing the different styles allows you to assemble the perfect combination for any holiday decor.

Bear in mind that Novelty Poinsettias are strong by themselves—each plant expresses itself as a unique individual.

Soft Blends of White and Pink
You’ll find that these Poinsettias are among the softest ones you can buy, before heading into straight creams and whites. Cinnamons offer a soft pink with a very gentle gradation toward the center of the bracht. The pink has a strong red cast to it, almost light bronze in nature, as if someone sprinkled allspice or cinnamon lightly on your toast.

Soft Blends of White, Pink and Red
Monets exhibit the same soft blending as Cinnamons, but with more red. Most plants will present with the darkest red on top, while the lighter and softer colors overlap underneath. These are probably the most sculptural Poinsettias we grow.
Pink Centers with White Edges
Some Marbles have a lot of pink; some Marbles have a lot of white. Patterns vary greatly by cultivar and individual plant—this is a very fickle group. The unifying trait here is a Pink Center with White Edges. Our favorite Marbles feature very soft centers of pink with white blended edges.

White Centers with Red Edges
This Poinsettia style features a strong contrast between reds and whites—well defined color lines with the white spreading out from the center. Ice Crystals are very much the reverse of Monets, with the emphasis on bright salmons and reds.

Mostly Red with Speckles of Pink and White
Jingles offer the strongest red of the Novelties. Speckling is very light through the leaves, with strong dots of white and occasionally pink. The patterns can be highly variable.