Poinsettia Centerpiece

poinsettia_bowlsA great gift for the holidays is a Poinsettia Centerpiece.These dwarf Points are grown out specifically for tabletop displays, so the height is short but the bracts are full. Planted in soil, they are well-rooted and hold firm to the pot.

You get a big presentation of color in a tight, tabletop package. When placed on a table, the planter won’t block your view of the people sitting across from you. For a more elegant look, try placing tall candles in the center of the dish.

Because these Poinsettia Centerpieces are wide and low, they look good in a number of holiday containers and stands. We have a variety of colors available, from Jingle to Snowcap to Monets to Picassos to Reds. Novelty Points lend a unique and eye-catching look to any holiday arrangement.

Each planter is about 9 inches to a foot tall, and has a spread of about 12 to 15 inches across. The novelty varieties require the same care and cultural conditions as standard Poinsettias.