Open House: Tulip & Bulb Displays

redtulipOpen House season is nearly here and for the official opening this spring, a big color display by the entrance makes a grand impression. Even for garden centers that do not host an event, throwing the doors open for spring with a big splash of color will help to set the mood. 

Right now we have an excellent crop of Red Tulips just opening up, so they should have a long shelf life beyond the holiday. These are the classic Dutch style tulips people expect in spring, and we have enough to make an impact from the roadside.

Generally speaking, red always sells well and tulips are a good crop to put out as a door greeter. If you need to make a big statement, ask our salesman, John, for the details.

easter_lilyPrime Easter Lilies should have one open bud with plenty of additional buds drawn nice and tight. These are photos of our current crop, which we grow in stages so we are always shipping Easter Lilies in their early phases of bloom.

Quality plants should have at least five or six buds with foliage a lustrous green. Plants should look well-grown with the first bud just opening to show how large the flower is. Extra large buds signify the promise of a long and beautiful display.

 We always start with an extra-big bulb, which means higher bloom counts and a robust plant that just looks better.

If you want a premium Easter Lily that clearly stands flower-and-bud above the supermarket varieties, we have the crop that can anchor your Easter sales.