The Charm of Violas

viola2A charming crop we have this week are the Spring Violas, with our best selection in 306 market baskets, 1203 trays and 10-inch color bowls. We grow the Sorbet series of violas, which give our Johnny Jump-Ups a beautiful range of light and dark blossoms. We also have a good selection of mixed colors and solids in white, orange, blue and yellow.

Although we sell them as annuals, Johnny Jump-Ups are really short-lived perennials that overwinter easily in Cincinnati. They naturalize easily and need almost no care to succeed. We see them around the neighborhoods, woven into gardens or sometimes escaping into the lawn as light ornamentation.

Originally native to Spain and the Pyrenees Mountains, these little guys are actually the grandfathers to the big-faced Delta pansies so popular in the market. They like the sun and can handle partial shade, so you will often find them out-and-about in open sunny places or even blooming under trees and bushes before the leaves have come out. Once a stand of viola mature, they can create a solid carpet of color for weeks.

ViolaThey also make really nice accent plants in early spring baskets or planters, mixed in with other spring harbingers like columbines, tete-a-tetes and spring anemones.

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