Fresh for the Summer

summermixSome suppliers close up for the summer after the big spring shipments finish, but we maintain a steady business supplying fresh material to landscapers and garden centers over the summer months.

The full line of our Summer Series of 8-in pots has come online now and they are looking pretty good: Begonias, Celosias, Dahlberg Daisies, Heleniums, Impatiens, Lantanas, Marigolds, Melampodiums, Spreading Petunias, Rudbeckias, Salvias, Scaevolas, Verbenias, Vincas and Zinnias. Each plant is full in the pot, heavy with blooms and just opening up.

Fresh to us means freshly potted a few weeks ago and grown out especially as a summer crop—not spring material cut back and extended because it was leftover. When you grow specifically for the summer, you get a bigger, bushier, healthier plant that offers instant appeal for landscapes and retail benches.

Our Summer Program offers a full section of choices to buyers in the trade—a good mix of big plants in popular colors and varieties. If you are still booking orders now, take a look at our material. Our Availability list notes the details on the Summer Crops. You can place an order directly in our online store here, or give us a call and we can discuss your order on the phone.