New Lantanas For Next Year

Lantana LuckyLemonGlowIt’s important to order Lantanas early if you want to guarantee your supply. These are popular plants for both landscapers and retailers here in Cincinnati because they like it dry and they don’t require a lot of feed. Basically, anyone can plant them and then go about their business; once Lantanas are established, they don’t even need watering.

The Landmark Lantana is our reference point for what a standard Lantana delivers today. It’s a good all-around plant that serves as a petunia replacement, although it doesn’t fit every situation. It has an upright habit, likes to grow, and fills its space nicely. We like to design Landmarks into bigger containers and larger landscaping spaces.

‘Lucky Flame’

If only there were a smaller, tighter Lantana that would fit better as a color mixer in hanging baskets, or a variety that would offer better performance in the smaller tray sizes. Some plants are touchy that way, and it turns out Lantanas are like that.

‘Lucky Lemon Glow’

Enter the Lucky Series from Ball Horticultural. We are extremely happy with our early production trials of the Luckies. They are nice, tight plants with good rounding and a great mounding habit that seems to be the sweet spot for the market.

We expect these plants to perform very well in our landscaping trays, so we’ve added a broad line-up in the 1801L trays:

  • ‘Lucky Flame’
  • ‘Lucky Pot of Gold’
  • ‘Lucky Lemon Glow’
  • ‘Lucky White’
  • ‘Lucky Yellow’

‘Lucky Pot of Gold’

We’ve also added a number of Luckies to our hanging basket line because these Lantanas turn out a better overall basket—not all Lantanas can do that. Luckies grow lower in the basket; they tend to drape more along the sides and they mix well with other plants.

‘Lucky White’

If you like our basket styles, you will be pleased to see that we’ve added two color mixes as well: Lemon Glaze Mix and Mango Sunshine Mix. These are multi-color combos where we have matched the Luckies with similar shades to create baskets of dappled yellows.

‘Lucky Yellow’

To early order these Lantanas, go to:

  • Section I = Hanging Baskets
  • Section K = 1801L Landscaping Trays

The Lucky Lantanas are definitely worth the time it takes to pre-order them. Remember to place all your Lantana orders early to ensure a supply for next spring—this is one crop that is hard to keep in stock.